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  1. these photos were taken on our caribbean cruise in december 2017, we were celebrating our 70th birthdays and our golden wedding anniversary. we was on AZURA for 2 weeks it was only our second cruise. the first cruise was on VENTURA to the caneries for 2 weeks, absolutly loved it, and the caribbean, well that was amazing. we also swam with dolphins. i would not have missed that for the world. our third cruise is booked for the NORWEGIAN FJORDS next june for a week on BRITTANIA.
  2. griffster


    hi to all my hubby and i have a cruise booked for the fjords next june (2019). i booked and paid the deposit on the 2 feb this year (2018). my question is, that if i do not get our insurance untill later, will it effect our in any way, by that, i mean if we had to claim for anything. ( god forbid we dont ). thanks. lynn.
  3. griffster

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 11

    hi there can i ask what your setting were on your pics?.i am still learning the triangle, and its taking some sinking in!!!!! i have a Sony Cybor shot H400. the pics are amazing. lynn
  4. hi my hubby and i have only done 2 cruises. the first was on VENTURA to the caneries, and the second was on AZURA to the caribbean. on each ship i bought the TEDDY BEAR, we have booked the fjords (god willing ) for next june, so hopefully i will get one then.:):)
  5. griffster

    Norwegian fjords

    many thanks for your replys. i think i will be packing a couple of gardigans, jumpers etc.. so looking forward to it, even tho its a long way of yet.:(
  6. griffster

    Norwegian fjords

    could anyone tell me what clothes to take.ie... jumpers jeans coat etc. seeing that this will be our first visit, we dont know what the weather will be like. so looking forw:)ard to it.
  7. griffster

    Norwegian fjords

    just booked our third cruise to norwegian fjords in june 2019 on Britannia. we were in the caribbean last dec for our 70th birthdays and our golden wedding.:):)
  8. griffster

    Caribbean-Cruising Fashonista

    this was taken for my 70th birthday also on azura in the caribbean. it was also my hubbys 70th 3 days earlier.
  9. griffster

    Caribbean-Cruising Fashonista

    this is our golden wedding anniversary on board AZURA last dec to the caribbean.
  10. griffster

    I just ordered my first DSLR camera!

    hi thought i would add a few pics from our caribbean cruise in dec 2017. my camera is a SONY CYBERSHOT H400, can not download pics. its saying i have no security token!!!!! could someone please tell me what that means. thankyou.
  11. griffster


    thanks all for your replys. i am off to see the dr tommorrow. i might a swell say what it is ,we are all open mined these days. i have cysitus, but losing blood with it. i have drank quite a few bottles of water today. its just to see if i need antibiotics, i will not be cancelling the cruise, waited far too long for this. it will a special cruise for us. 70ths and golden wedding.thanks once again, if i have to let the ins know, i will.
  12. griffster


    hi my hubby and i fly to the caribbean this friday 15 dec, we have everything sorted, packing , money, insuramce i now have a ladies problem!!!! which i think i will need antibiotics. my question is will i need to inform my ins. thanks. lynn:(
  13. griffster


    hi many thanks for your reply. yes it is a 63xzoom h400. i will take your advice and use auto, and it does have a scene selection. once again thankyou. when i return from my cruise i will try and put some photos on here. lynn
  14. griffster


    hi i have a sony cyber shot 64x zoom. could i ask someones advise. i love to take sunrise and sunset, but which would i be better with.......auto or manual?. i am only amateur, but i do love taking photos. i am going on our caribbean cruise in 9 days, 15 dec from manchester to barbados. ( cant wait ) thanks. lynn
  15. griffster

    Love seeing your clothes.....

    hi, many thanks for your reply. thanks a lot for the thought. lynn:)