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  1. The shows still are on the ships when we were in port. Good luck!
  2. I think that would be a great way to see the Island!
  3. We stayed at The Hyatt on the Hudson in Jersey City. Great choice! We loved the view of New York. We took the path right near the hotel to the 9-11 memorial and museum. It was a great experience to see it. We walked along the shoreline in Jersey City before we boarded the cruise ship. There is a Starbucks 1/2 block away from the hotel. I am so glad we didn’t stay by the Newark airport where we flew into. It was about a 15-20 minute drive to Bayonne cruise port from the Hotel.
  4. We were on Anthem of the seas. We overnighted one night. We had reserved a anaig quick through Oleander rentals. We took the first ferry into Hamilton. We wanted to start in the middle of the island and drive to different areas. Our intention was to drive to some of the beaches to snorkel. First mistake was the car is soooo small!!! My husband is 6’ and I am 5’ 6”. We are not overweight either. I was squished in the back with our snorkel gear and beach bag! So not comfortable and so hot! My husband was squished while driving too! We had a map that had the roads to go on. Well, there are no road signs in Bermuda!! We got lost three times! We waisted three hours trying to figure out where to go! Thank goodness this nice man on his scooter escorted us to Warwick bay and Horsehoe bay. We ended up at Horseshoe Bay with just about everyone on the ship!! We took our chairs that we rented for $50! to the other end of the beach! Such a rip off to pay $50 buck!! The beach was beautiful and the water was so clear and warm! Bermuda has beautiful homes along the waters edge. It is not so beautiful driving in the towns. It would have been nice to have had two overnights to see the whole island. We were surprised how large an island it was. The next day we did a snorkel trip with Hat Tricks. It was amazing! Only 8 people on the Catamaran. The spot Captain Keith took us to was beautiful! Truly an excursion we will remember! Next time we will stay at a hotel and enjoy everything on the island in a relaxed mode!
  5. We need suggestions on what to do in NY until our flt leaves out of Newark at 6:00pm? we need to leave our luggage somewhere too. Thank you!!!!
  6. We need suggestions on what to do in NY until our flt leaves out of Newark at 6:00pm? we need to leave our luggage somewhere too. Thank you!!!!
  7. We are staying at the Hyatt in Jersey City. Any recommendations for breakfast and dinner?
  8. We are staying one night before our cruise. Any recommendations for breakfast and dinner?
  9. Is there a Park Cafe on the ship? I keep reading about the roast beef sandwiches!
  10. Does Johhny Rockets on Anthem serve breakfast? Also do you pay extra for the solarium Bistro?
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