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  1. Even the policy I purchased January 23, 2020, before Covid was a major issue, specifically excludes supplier default. It used to be that supplier default was one of the best reasons to go with independent insurance as opposed to what was offered by the cruise line, but I think that distinction is certainly harder to find than it was five or ten years ago. But, since my reason for purchasing insurance is to avoid unanticipated expenses, it still suits my needs. Personally, I feel that if I can't afford to lose the cost of a vacation, I have no business booking that vacation. That being said
  2. When I see a reference to Oceania I think back to our one, and very likely ONLY Oceania cruise on the Insignia. I had been excited with all the hype about the food. What a disappointment! Things seemed to start off with a good idea, and then someone seemed to think they needed to do something unique. Sunflower seeds in the turkey gravy? Bouillabaisse with with a side of garlic aioli? Garlic toast, maybe, but you're supposed to stir this glop into your meal? A sandwich of raspberry jam and processed cheese spread? The one consistently good item was the pasta Bolognese at the buffet. Fo
  3. For the sake of those onboard the Grandiosa, and cruising in general, I hope they have a successful journey. Delighted to hear they are not putting up with anyone breaking protocol and endangering others. I've never sailed MSC, and it seems I would go nuts with the crowds and being nickeled and dimed, but I wish them well.
  4. I'm excited about this new amenity, particularly on port-intensive itineraries. I've always used ships' laundry services. I don't know what sort of nuclear detergent they use, but if I have stained whites I bring them along on a cruise and send them out for laundering. They come back glowing! Very glad to hear that guests who were entitled to this based on status are being rewarded for their loyalty with OBC. Less than 13 months now until our first booked sailing, and I'm so very hopeful about getting back to the life we love!
  5. I'm confused. I thought the Supper Club WAS on the Serenity. Help?
  6. While cruising with Crystal is like being in a fantasy world, real world issues do infringe on our beautiful blue ship bubbles. I don't venture out unnecessarily, wear a mask when I do, and wouldn't venture out at all if I were feeling unwell. I'm figuratively holding my breath until a vaccine is developed and I will then get the vaccine as frequently as needed to retain "immunity." It's called taking responsibility for my actions and the impacts those actions have on others. The newly announced protocols sound like a good start and I'm sure they'll be fine-tuned as
  7. The addition of gelatin to the turkey burger is interesting--I'm looking forward to the explanation....
  8. Oh, that classic visual of a photo bomb was just what I needed. Thanks for the laugh. It's been Monday ALL day....
  9. Thank you for posting that--it's nice to know what my options will be if I'm not happy with the complimentary bubbles. I know, first world problems....
  10. SusieQft--I concur. As a rule we haven't been the biggest fans of shipboard photos. I must say, though, that Crystal photographers have captured some great images. I like not being accosted, but still having the opportunity to have photos taken. A win-win in my mind. Have a great day, Carla
  11. Thanks so much, Travelcat2! I blame Crystal for turning us on to the Billecart Salmon.... We did procure a special wine suitcase (without telltale wine labeling on the outside!) to bring some along on an Oceania cruise a couple years ago knowing they didn't carry it. May have to dust the suitcase off and load it up! Every occasion is improved with tasty pink bubbles. Thanks again, Carla
  12. Well, as long at at least a few of you are onboard our sailing it sounds like we'll have a fun time! On the mass market lines the ships' photographers tend to make us crazy. Obtrusive, high-pressure hacks. We have found, though, that the photographers on Crystal are very talented and have captured some great images. Add to that the lack of pressure to buy, and the more reasonable prices than you find on the mega lines, and we've been very happy with the photo services on Crystal. I appreciate everyone's input, and humor! Carla
  13. Would you happen to know if Regent stocks Billecart Salmon Brut Rose? Thanks for your help, Carla
  14. Photobombs are the best! Thanks for the quick responses. Stay safe and healthy!
  15. Greetings! We're booked on our first Regent cruise for September, 2021. Could someone please advise if Regent Explorer has onboard photographers? Thanks for your help, Carla
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