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  1. floridalover5623

    Ruby New Cabin Door Locks

    I've got mine.
  2. floridalover5623

    Taking food/snacks to your cabin?

    It keeps the mice from having to go inside your cabin to get something to eat.🐭
  3. floridalover5623

    frozen supermarket bagels

    Even the pre-packaged ones we get at home in the grocery store are better than what Princess serves.
  4. floridalover5623

    Milestone cruises

    I guess there wasn't much truth to Princess returning to the crystal pieces ever again. 😢
  5. floridalover5623

    HDMI on Regal... usable?

    On the Royal in Feb one of the bartenders had disconnected their HDMI input & used the port for his own movies. Princess knew it had been disconnected & told him to reconnect it, so it is monitored. He also manage to get the password for the system from one of the IT guys.
  6. floridalover5623

    Milestone cruises

    Have they started to hand out the crystal pieces once again? I saw the cheap box they handed out last Feb & it wasn't at all impressive. Someone mentioned that they might give the glass paperweights out in the future.
  7. floridalover5623

    On Board Loyalty Credit

    At first I though I might have received it for both of us on our first leg but upon further checking what they did is posted all of the loyalty credit for our B2B cruises on the first trip. (even though we booked it independently).
  8. floridalover5623

    Milestone cruises

    Some of the Capt circle hosts let the most traveled people bring additional 2 guests with them.
  9. floridalover5623

    On Board Loyalty Credit

    This time of year the cutoff number for the most traveled function in the Caribbean usually run on the high side. I'm guessing the number for a 14 day trip/Caribbean/fall trip to be over 600. Longer cruises usually means more traveled cruisers that enjoy longer trips and there aren't that many in the Caribbean. We'll see shortly. There's always hope we might make the cut.🙄
  10. floridalover5623

    Milestone cruises

    On occasion people that reach Milestone cruises are announced at the passenger parties and are sometimes even given select seating in the front row. This seems to be at the discretion of the Capt circle host.
  11. floridalover5623

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    That's done on most ships but usually only at the beginning of the cruise until people get their DR straight. Also even if your assigned to a specific dining room/time, IF you ask the head waiter or Maitre D' if you can change for a special occasion, you will be allowed to do so. Princess likes to make everyone happy no matter what the request.
  12. floridalover5623

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    As long as they don't leave stuff on multiple chairs to reserve them.
  13. floridalover5623

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    Sometimes this is done very discretely without advertising it openly. People meet with the Maitre D' on the first day & make arrangements for choice seating & fixed times. Some Maitee D's will accommodate people, some won't. 🤑
  14. floridalover5623

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    The more important question is, what time did you arrive at the door? If you showed up at 6:30, what would your expect? Certainly not to be seated immediately.
  15. floridalover5623

    Very Dumb question, but how do I find my friends?

    When I use Edge I get the full menu at the top but with Chrome I only get an abbreviated menu. Strange.