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  1. floridalover5623


    Not for me either. I couldn't tolerate having a cruise card plus a medallion dangling around my neck during the whole cruise.
  2. floridalover5623

    Found Ocean Medallion

    As long as the bartender doesn't check the photo before pouring all those drinks. 😁
  3. floridalover5623


    For access to the ship- While the security person at the entrance to the gangway still requests the card and those inside the ship will accept either, if you only have the Medallion with you it will work but the outside security person really has no way of checking the Medallion at this point. I asked & they told me it is possible to only use the Medallion but they really would prefer the card at this time to enter the ship gangway. Once on the ship, either the card or Medallion will work for everything.
  4. floridalover5623


    Glad to hear that they're addressing the problem. I live with the Medallion & I'm sure that unless someone really doesn't want a Medallion they'll be eliminated in the near future.
  5. floridalover5623

    Carry on luggage limit

    For $300 they can have my suitcase & everything in it & I'll still be ahead. 😁
  6. floridalover5623

    Bathrobes in Regal Princess Balconies?

    No problem. It's that I never want one & no matter what you enter in the personalizer, you'll receive one anyway.
  7. floridalover5623

    Bathrobes in Regal Princess Balconies?

    They always seem to distribute one per person no matter what you put in your personalizer.
  8. floridalover5623


    The shipmate feature was nice but just don't lose your Medallion or anyone can get into your cabin & help themselves to anything laying around.
  9. That's because most people do it discretely with a handshake so that the server doesn't have to pool his tips.
  10. floridalover5623

    Can't search in forum

    That was my problem from the start. Thanks
  11. floridalover5623

    Can't search in forum

    Ah yes.....now I see it. I was just filling in the search box first without clicking within the search box first to narrow my search. Poor development compared to the old layout. Thanks
  12. floridalover5623


    Other then unlocking my door, the Medallions serve no extra advantage for me. It appears that their just a big hype for advertising Princess ships to sell more cruises.
  13. floridalover5623

    Can't search in forum

    For example, if I'm in the Princess forum & I search for "TV" I get back results for TV in all forums. Carnival, Princess, NCL , Celibrity, etc. With the old search if I was in the Princess forum I would only get results from the Princess forum.
  14. floridalover5623

    Can't search in forum

    The new improved search option is nearly worthless, IMO. It cannot be narrowed down to specific forums, with results coming back for everything. At least bring back the old search feature as the new one will only cause more questions than answers.
  15. floridalover5623


    Thankfully the new cruise cards don't have the same problems with being demagnetized like the old ones.