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  1. Why miss out on a good deal when they still be there the night after.
  2. Good luck with that request. People are lucky to have any table at all lately.
  3. If limited food selections at the buffet served in cardboard containers, hot dogs in soggy buns (already with their toppings) & cold pre-made vegetarian sandwiches in the buffet line along with cold desserts that should be server warm as good food, then yes you'll be happy. Stick with the DR & the food was much better.
  4. So what did they tell you after you proceeded to open the door & go to your cabin? I suspect nothing.
  5. You can always resort to using your pocket.
  6. Sounds like they're tough on the Ruby. Not like the other ships. I have yet to find the doors closed....just announcements & when reaching the cabin there was no problem dumping the bags.
  7. Even on ships that announced the cabins would not be ready until 1 PM, I had no problem going to my cabin to just drop off my luggage & put valuables in the safe before going to lunch.
  8. Lets hope their new buffet food setup doesn't spread to the other ships & ruin the whole Princess fleet, especially the Royal class ships.
  9. True, if they even fix the major flaw of letting anyone who finds your lost Medallion have access to your cabin. Some day I suppose.
  10. I had the same problem & just gave up on two separate trips.
  11. We've sailed the CB before but non of the current problems were there until the dry dock. Fooled me once, not again.
  12. When we were last on the Regal in Feb the servers weren't using tablets for Medallions. They were going to classes on how to use them. Maybe they are today?
  13. It's a good thing that Princess doesn't reserve tables for the 6:15-6:30 slot. Otherwise the wait times would be worse than they are now.
  14. I though the CB entertainment was pretty good. It's typical Princess style similar to all the other Princess ships & but if you're that critical you may not be impressed.
  15. We had the exact same problem with the buffet food and AC as you did. We also took our the deflector which didn't improve the air flow that much and had a miscible 14 days in the hot cabin. The selections and the way the food was presented in the new world market buffet were terrible. Saying that we found the DR food to very good. We won't book another trip on the CB anytime soon. It's difficult to explain how the buffet has changed but it's not for the better and until they change back to the Horizon court food we'll be skipping the CB in the future. There are so many bet
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