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  1. didn't think about the DST, will have to watch the times and make sure we make it back to ship on time .. sailing September. thx.
  2. wanttoBcruising


    was that booked thru the cruise line or private? We're looking for more of a beach day - BFF doesn't want ruins, snorkel, anything w/ a lot of activity. Can't find a good beach spot so maybe just a nice sail? How crowded was it? Thanks.
  3. was that one way or round trip? just curious for future reference (we're on budget this time, doing shared shuttle bus).
  4. Also curious about Starfish island reviews, it's our back up plan. Thanks.
  5. have the same question. going w/ BFF in September, she wants beach w/ more amenities (so not Goff's) and this came up in search. We're only 2 ppl, so we'd be trying to book direct or find others to go with. Curious if others thought it was worth the $$. thanks.
  6. Ok I’ll keep looking. We have found a few other beach options but there’s either no chairs/facilities (Goff’s) or they have a 4 person minimum (we’re just 2). Thx for the info, it’ll be our first time porting in Belize.
  7. Doing a Carnival in September, trying to compare the various 'beach day pass' options, so I'll be following to see which Caye this is. thanks.
  8. What are the facilities like on CC - restrooms, bars, chairs and shade? It'll be our first trip, trying to compare the various beach excursion options. Thanks.
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