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  1. I bring a waterproof pouch for my phone and sit in the hot tub and read books. Bonus if it's one overlooking the ocean! It also makes for interesting pictures. Sometimes I hang out in the pool between floating and reading. Sure, there's kids jumping in and out but I enjoy watching them have fun.
  2. Hot tub That high place up front with my camera and the wind trying to knock me down Falling exhausted into that lovely neat bed in a tidy room where somebody else washes the towels
  3. I carry my phone in a waterproof bag because I like to sit in the hot tub and read books on the Kindle app. I leave a few things in a bag by the poolside: coverup, prescription glasses, sunscreen, beach shoes. Nothing anybody else would want.
  4. One, two, three, testing...
  5. I love the packing and prep! I read other people's lists and get ideas of more things to bring. It's not inconvenient -- everything is in smaller bags or pouches so I can get the cabin set up in about 10 minutes. And we both bring different nice outfits for every evening. More this time because we know about afternoon tea! My mother is old-school and wants the gracious cruises of yesteryear. I'm a pet sitter so I spend all day, every day, in faded baggy clothes that smell of wet dog. On a cruise I dress up and go to all the photo ops, too. But I figure we'll keep the everyday clothes and undies down to about enough for half the trip this time. I'm bringing a little bottle of Woolite, and some detergent pods and dryer sheets. I have laundry day picked out on the schedule. Now meds, I pack under the assumption that we're both going to have terrible colds, migraines, seasickness, and the runs for ten days. We haven't yet but if so, I'm ready. Also have a complete wound care kit. Because of the time at Mahogany Bay that I needed a bandaid and the guy photographed my injury, took a statement, and wrote up an incident report before he would let me have it! I'm not exaggerating! So now I'll just take care of those little things myself.
  6. I'm breathing that stuff, so I always order the distilled water. It's a small price compared with everything else!
  7. A home-sewn dress so I'll have something pretty that fits in a flattering color.
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