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  1. why wouldn't you want to go back on the water taxi? Because of the time it takes?
  2. I would think the 19 year old could escort her into the park. The rules say: All guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. An adult is someone over 18, though that was not actually defined.
  3. There's really no way to have a "maturity" test. The only way is to put a numerical age on the requirement. I think 18 is too high. I would think 14 or 16 is more appropriate.
  4. Hi, I was wondering about the schedule for this cruise. It leaves Miami on Monday, goes to perfect day/coco cay and Nassau and then back in port Friday morning. Is there a formal night? What's the show schedule like? How about the escape room? We're scheduled for My time dining. (I forgot what that actually means, will have to go look, we had it last cruise, but then it seemed like ended up always having to go at 5:30.) Is there a best time to have the dining to get to performances? Our first stop, Nassau, we don't depart until 9. Do they still do shows? And dinner? or is that
  5. Asking for a friend --- 🙂 I was wondering what the cost was for an alcoholic drink on board a ship - I'm talking a strawberry daiquiri or something like that. And what the virgin versions of a drink would be. We were on a cruise and I think only had one or two alcohol drinks and two to three non-alcohol versions each night and my husband said that the bill for that was in the $400s - it was a seven day cruise. The friend is going on a 4 night cruise - similar situation as ours. The deluxe beverage package is $52/day. 2 rooms and it will be a parent and teenager in
  6. I hadn’t even thought of that. Biting bugs love me. That’s making the water taxi, shooters, las olas option seem much better. 🙂
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