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  1. It seems all cruises out of Miami are now sold out. I expect a cancellation announcement soon. I’m glad I cancelled my 14 day cruise on 12/21 before final payment was due!
  2. I cancelled my 14 day cruise on the Pearl for Christmas and New Year's. My CC told me that this cruise could potentially be one of the 1st cruises that sail but there was no guarantee. I did not want to pay over $8k for final payment and have my money tied up. Instead, I will be using that money to book an all-inclusive holiday trip to Cabo San Lucas. I was able to transfer my cruise next deposits for a 11 day holiday cruise on the Joy in December 2021. Hopefully, things will be back to normal by then.
  3. Thank you. That seems complicated but I understand. I can’t use the additional points to go from a basic balcony to an aft balcony but I can cash my points and use that money to rebook a better category. I always bid to upgrade and like you, never won. I usually cruise during holidays when ships are at max capacity so I don’t hold on to hope to ever win a bid. The best thing that happened to us was winning a 2 bdrm haven suite in bingo on day 2 of our cruise...it has been difficult to cruise in a balcony since then 🙂
  4. Thank you for your answers. I will call to find out what balconies are available for obstructed ocean view room!
  5. Hi I have a few questions and I am hoping someone can help...I have never used points for a cabin upgrade and wanted to get some information before I call World Points. I am currently booked on the Pearl for an Xmas New Years Cruise 2020 (fingers crossed that it will still take place)! Originally, I was booked in an inside cabin but the prices dropped from when I booked so now I am in an obstructed ocean view. I have 48,000 points (more if I wait until August when final payment is due). I understand a meta category move is an inside to ocean or ocean to balcony. Question how do I know whic
  6. Thank you for your replies! I’m happy with my ocean view picture window room on deck 8. Last cruise we had the 2 bedroom suite and it was amazing! Hard to go back to a smaller cabin. The port fees on this cruise are so high so I was hoping to upgrade to at least a balcony for the Panama Canal. We have always cruised for Christmas but this is our first Christmas and New Years combo cruise so it will be fun regardless of our cabin!
  7. I am booked on the Pearl for 12/23 to the Panama Canal and I was trying to do a mock booking and my cruise does not show up anymore. I am trying to figure out if there any available rooms for my bidding upgrade. Does this mean the cruise is sold out? I bid the highest - excellent range. I guess my chances of getting an upgrade are slim to none. Has anyone been successful bidding when the cruise disappears from the NCL website?
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