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  1. We were 1st sailing on the Crown after last drydock for refurbish a couple + - years ago with 3 other couples. What we found was some cabins got the usb lamps and some did not, even in same category... They did not finish the refurbish by 1st sailing. As often happens a work crew stays onboard to finish up. Since some of our group got the lamps and some did not, even in same catagorys (we did) we figured they were coming. Have sailed Crown since and will be on her in 2 weeks. Guess not all cabins got the complete refurbush... Its not a suite/standard cabin thing as we were no
  2. The way I look at it that becomes the cruise lines problem when they allow that...
  3. I get it! Why punish the bulk of your customers for the sake of those over booking, most of which I'd be willing to bet are fairly new customers and are working the system. Solution would be, limit the amount of bookings one can make by your past history. Example, we have 5 or 6 15 to 20 day voyages booked through 2021, I'm sure Princess feels fairly safe with us as we next to never have cancelled with them over the past 25 years. I think they know who's scamming the system and those who are legit... It's a big gamble for the cruise lines to piss off it
  4. Yes it is sad. Used to be you might remember a rep from past bookings or vica-versa, rare now. And I think their not as regimented now that most are working out of their homes, higher turnovers... Sing of the times I guess...
  5. Once again, we're in agreement. Only wish we had that option for booking 3, 6 months or even a year out but we don't. Maybe I wouldn't have such issue with this NRD issue if we could. Wife is a paraplegic, very active but confined to a wheelchair, cannot walk or stand so accessible cabin is only option. To get that we have to book a minimum 15 to 18 months out or it doesn't happen. Hard for many to go that far out with certainty but our cancel rate is almost nill. We'd give anything to take a standard cabin and book within a 3 to 6 month before sailing. NRD isn't going to happen
  6. BINGO, totally agree on both sides...
  7. JMHO It appears that even as of today, Princess, even on their "3 for free" promo is taking the non-refundable deposit route, for their bookings as far out as May of 2021. To me it appears that, at least for their promos (to this date) are going to be non-refundable deposits! For us, if that's the case, we are done. Have been with Princess for 25 + years. Many, many wonderful voyages/memories so we have done more than our share, guess its time to step aside and leave the adventures for others. Again, IMHO, all the cruise lines are getting even more greedy. I g
  8. This could go on forever... Off Topic (so excuse me)!: See ya soon Deb? Although we may never know as I see no M&G for you guys? Ya lovin this Boise weather or what! Hit my "signature link" and shoot me an email if ya get a chance...
  9. Seriously! The whole thing refundable or non-refundable leaves a whole lot of cash to the cruise lines... I'd hope we can agree on that For those who have been cruising for a longtime, we have seen (like everything else) things watered down. The changes are so very drastic anymore I guess this is just one more nail in the cruise lines coffin. So I guess the disdain comes from just that. Maybe its just a "I'm not going to take it anymore" that so many have issue with, who knows. Maybe some day you'll understand but on a different topic perhaps...
  10. I believe the cruise lines are just continuing scalping us all. Think of all their deposit/bookings on all of their ships on all of their sailings for all of the weeks. And then consider the majority are booking 1 to 2 years out. The $ deposit numbers they are holding for that time period is horrendous. The $'s they make on investment or even a simple interest rate is staggering. Regardless they are still going to book every cabin at a premium before sailing refundable or not. Their still going to make a boat load from holding your deposit for 6 months to 2 years. Do the
  11. Not much of a perk for the Platinum and Elite. These perks are being watered down big-time, I mean 3 day wait for our laundry??? And they'll let us purchase our Medallion Net at same rate as everyone else??? More cuts on the way! They created this mess and now we pay for it. Just my 2 cents worth. We are about done with Princess, have 3 or 4 more on the books and we'll see from there. We have just found our dollars go a lot further on some other lines that dont have the growing pains. Like I said on another posting, we were on the Inaugural Meda
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