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  1. luv2snorkel

    NCL Email with Link to F3 Website

    i got the email too. i'm interested to see that round bed split into two. do i really have to sleep on a half-moon when i travel with my mother?????? luv2
  2. luv2snorkel

    NCL Spirit questions

    i know i'm not the op, but i'll give my impression of the desserts. a couple of caveats.... i'm a foodie...i like a lot of different foods and i like desserts. but, i'm not one who needs anything super-sweet... i was on the 12/23 spirit christmas cruise and had: 3 souffles- 1 vanilla, 1 strawberry, 1 coconut. vanilla was very good.... strawberry was absolutely fantastic, coconut was mediocre. all were warm, moderately sweet, served warm with vanilla bean custard. coconut had very little flavor. 1 pineapple sherbet. it was excellent. i'm a big fan of sherbet however and i know not everyone is. 1 piece coconut cream pie. it was good. had whipped cream and not merange as i'm used to... but good, not great. 1 piece caramel apple pie which was outstanding. maybe a little sweet for my taste but just terrific. the seventh night i took a pass on dessert because nothing appealed to me. also, one night i ordered an additional fruit dish that was on the appetizer menu because i had loved it so much -- two desserts that night. :D in my opinion, that spiced stone fruits appetizer was the BEST dessert i had all week. one night we visited the buffet late and had a bit of blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream and a cup o' joe. it was way, way too sweet.... and had very few blueberries or blueberry flavor. i'd take a pass on that again. and actually, i'd take a pass on most of the buffet desserts. they are generally pieces of semi-flavored fluff... square yellow fluff, round green fluff, triangular pink fluff.... same fluff, different color and shape. i totally missed the crepes toyz mentioned. in glancing back at what i read, seems i picked mostly fruit items for dessert. guess i like fruity things..... so, if you don't ignore my review. as for food reviews in general, i agree with one of the other posters... food is way to subjective for reviews to be much help. i've never heard of a cruiser starving, so i'm sure adequate sustenance can be found on most cruise ships. am happy to answer specific questions if anyone has them. luv2