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  1. Yes, thanks. Can anyone tell me if you have the classic package and want one or two more expensive selections here and there, do you pay full price for the selection, or just the difference in the price and the cap on the classic?
  2. Someone else replied that you claim wins over $1,200. That's true if it's in one spin/one hand, depending on the odds of the game. You can win $5,000 and no declare it if its in 10, $500 wins, for example.
  3. He's right. There are lucky seats in every casino. Your job as a gambler is to find one.
  4. I've never booked through the casino on Celebrity. I know on NCL you can take all the extra perks available on the sailing for the cabin category you're booked in. How does Celebrity work? Do you get the one or two perks that are included? If yes, can you also choose to upgrade to the Sail plus or Sail AI. (Paying the difference of course) Thanks for sharing your experience.
  5. adding, as I said, I try to be polite about it. If I join a table in play where no one else is smoking, I will stand up a hand or two & step away to smoke. If I sit at a machine and light up & notice I’m bothering someone I’ll wait to smoke again until they move in or I move on. But if I’m already there smoking & you choose the seat next to me, I do feel I was there first & you made a choice to join me or sit next to me, so while I will hold my cigarette out if the way & blow the smoke away from the table. Don’t expect me not to smoke just because you showed up. It is a Smo
  6. My kids don’t have a choice but to be in our home. People can choose not to frequent casinos that allow smoking. Simple as that. People are exposed to pollutants every day. Most Indior spaces are now smoke free. And I support that. I used to work in a travel agency back when we could smoke at our desks & travel agents used to be notorious smokers. I’d say at least 80% of us smoked (late 80’s) and the air was blue. I totally got it & supported the indoor smoking ban. I’ve never complained much about having to go outside. That said, I do enjoy the odd occasion that I don’t
  7. Because I live with non-smokers, including my children and I don't want to expose them to my smoke. And because it makes the house stink. I'm not immune to the negative side of smoke. But in a casino, where it's allowed, I feel it's one's choice to be there or not. There are non-smoking choices where I live. You can hop across to the Canadian side, where there are actually bigger, better non-smoking casinos, you can go to Del Lago which is non-smoking. I go to one that where smoking is allowed, so I smoke and try to minimize annoying others. But if they're just going to be annoyed in gener
  8. That's about what the SPA would cost. I think I paid $229 for a 7 day on the Gem. Each ship/sailing has a different price based on length and amenities.
  9. 14% of Americans or America Adults? 14% of the US is upwards of 45 million people. You'd also be over-reaching to say all 86% of non-smokers would prefer everything be non-smoking. I know a lot of non-smokers and former smokers who aren't bothered by smoke. Also, cruise lines aren't just selling to Americans. They have a world wide clientele, many who come from countries that smoke at a greater rate than those in the US. I'm a smoker, and try my best to be a respectful smoker while playing with non-smokers at a table. I understand that even being respectful, they're
  10. This is true, and I concur. You can buy the dining package for another guest ahead of time as well. Just have their reservation number when you call. I did this for our friends as an anniversary gift.
  11. I just tried one for January 5 2020 and it's only letting me apply one. Update: The log out then log back in thing worked and I applied two! No let's keep our fingers crossed that my mother's health improves so I can go!
  12. I might be able to save you a lengthy hold time. I too have several certs, 7 in total that expire 12/17/2020. My mother hasn't been well and I've had to cancel every trip I've booked the past two years. I just called them and they will extend when you're within a year of expiration and have a reservation number. So book something beyond the expiration date, do the 24 hour hold, then call reservations to have them extend and apply.
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