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  1. With the snorkelling from shore at Money Bar, do you walk into deep water or is it a shallow entrance that gets gradually deeper?   Do you need to be deep to see fish?

  2. I've been reading about nightmare line-ups for shuttle busses in some of the Alaska ports such as Sitka (if it's a bigger ship using the out of town dock) and Ketchikan (if sailing on NCL to Ward Cove).  How does one find out if the ship one is considering drops you off in town where you can just walk to the town, or away and you need a shuttle?    Especially for the following ports - Juneau, Skagway, Icy Straight Point...  The thought of standing in line for an hour for a shuttle does not seem appealing.  We are having to sail in July or August, as well, so the ships will probably be full (friend is a teacher).

  3. Sorry, I'm finding this confusing...   A person can buy FCD for ANOTHER PERSON who is NOT sailing?   Does that have to be done onboard or can it be done after the cruise within 60 days?  What information does the person buying the FCD (if it must be done onboard) need about the person the FCD is intended for?   And can they also still buy for themselves then?

  4. Hello!   I've been thinking of gifting my elderly father and his wife an Alaskan cruise on HAL this summer.  I was reading about the platinum protection plan and it says it covers pre-existing conditions and makes no mention as to age?  Is this too good to be true?  Being as they are an older couple, they definitely have medical conditions etc - nothing serious, but the usual things for people of a certain age.  And being of that age, I want to purchase very good insurance, which this plans sounds like it is.  Does anyone have any advice?

  5. I am looking at some excursions in ports where we would dock at 7am.  For example, one itinerary has us docking in Juneau from 7-1:30 and I was looking at the Sea Kayak Adventure which is 3.5 hours long.  Would there likely be multiple start times, some later than 7am?  Or are the 7am ports generally mean having a very early morning if you are planning on doing an excursion?

  6. On 2/8/2024 at 10:36 PM, tetleytea said:

    Those cruise line buses in Ward Cove are horrible.   The lines to get into town are terrible.  And to get back to the ship, you have to return 1 1/2 hours early--and for a NCL round-trip Seattle cruise, that port stop in Ketchikan is already very short. 


    Taking the public bus the opposite direction to Totem Bight sounds like a great idea.  Or an excursion, or pretty much anything that lets you not have to take those buses.   We did Ward Cove twice:  one time we did the Zodiac excursion (which was awesome), and the other time we hired a driver who dropped us off at Ward Cove--quite a bit after all the bus passengers had boarded the ship already.  That bought us an extra hour of actually touring stuff.


    So just curious, the Ketchikan stop for Bliss says 6:30am to 1:15 am, and you have to be back in the lineup downtown for the cruise line shuttle bus to Ward Cove by 11:45 then?  Or back on board ship at 11:45?

  7. I guess it depends where you are living exactly - but @PG_traveller has a good point I often use.  Galveston and LAX, for me, are always cheaper flights.  I tend to do LAX as I can sometimes get direct to there from Manitoba.  I stay close to LAX, which tends to put me halfway between the things in LA I want to see the day before the cruise (Santa Monica etc) and the cruise ports a bit further south.  Even taking into account uber costs, it is always cheaper.

  8. I was also looking at this tour but it's not showing listed as a possible excursion on Grand Princess' stop in Juneau in July 2025.  Does that mean Allen Marine is not doing it on that day, or is it possible that it hasn't been added yet?   I see it listed on Discovery Princess the same month.  I was really hoping to do this excursion.  


    I haven't actually booked the cruise yet, just looking at the itinerary.

  9. We are looking at the Grand Princess for July 2025 to Alaska.  I was wondering if there would typically be live contemporary rock music bands performing somewhere in the evenings?   I've heard there is a usually a piano bar event at Crooners, is that still the case?  We enjoy having a drink and watching bands play contemporary rock music, not big jazz fans.

  10. 25 minutes ago, Cbtours said:

    We went May 6-20 2023 Vancouver return and loved every minute. Loved the itinerary, got two stops each port, so two chances excursions we really wanted. Four days glacier cruising. Weather perfect. On Grand Princess.

    plenty of snow too, so White Pass Rail excursion was amazing.

    How was the Grand Princess?  I've seen questionable reviews on her...

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