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  1. I think some of the cruises that offer biking (either tours or just to borrow off the boat while in port) would be fun! Avalon and AMA at a minimum offer but I think others do as well (and maybe not all ships/itineraries so you'd have to confirm if it's of interest). If you're up in the air on itinerary, think about ease/cost of flying in & out. Amsterdam tends to be super easy to get to from the US, as is Paris (though as noted some of the Paris itineraries might not be as interesting).
  2. We boarded Avalon in Nuremberg - we were to go to the ship on our own. I think the paperwork said 4-5 but we showed up at 3 and it was no problem to board (4 of us took a taxi from our hotel - we had spent a couple of nights on our own in Nuremberg). The passengers who had already been on board returned later in the afternoon from their excursion, as did the passengers who did an Avalon pre-cruise trip to Prague (including my in-laws πŸ˜‰ Your final paperwork will have the information (and if they want you to get yourself to the ship, they should have a phone number you can call to confirm where it is docked as that can change at the last minute...)
  3. Just so it's clear for everyone, it's Lau Pa Sat that starts at 6:30, NOT the MRT πŸ˜‰ MRT is the subway system. Lau Pa Sat is a hawker center. And we went twice - it and Maxwell hawker ctr were within easy walking distance of our hotel πŸ˜‰
  4. Eat. Shop. Walk around. Eat. Hop on Hop off bus. Eat some more πŸ™‚ Botanical gardens. Zoo if that's your thing (It's NOT mine so we skipped). We stayed 6 days before a cruise. I worked one day (and husband went to a tall building and looked out at the view & the harbor). We got a free HOHO bus ticket from our hotel and did that our first or 2nd day to get a better overview. We took the fabulous subway system all over and would wander various neighborhoods, shopping and eating as we went. We stayed at the Oasia Downtown (ADORE) on the club floor, so we'd wake up & have coffee & breakfast by the pool then venture out, explore, have a late lunch then return to the hotel to rest/relax by the pool for a while, have a cocktail, get ready for dinner & venture out for a few hours at night. It was a fabulous and very relaxing way to explore the city!
  5. My in-laws did 3 or 4 Uniworld cruises before cruising Avalon with us and enjoyed them all - they said there wasn't anything they had on Uniworld they missed on Avalon......
  6. Hoyaheel


    FYI, since this is a port board and not a cruise line specific board, it's helpful if you mention WHICH "Ovation" as more than one cruiseline, apparently, has a ship named that. I assumed Seabourn. I was incorrect πŸ˜‰
  7. Lands End swim catalog came today - cute options, lots of mix and match separates. Target has had some cute stuff, including Plus, in the past - though none of the suits I've ordered worked for me (they're not good with big boobs - Lands End tends to fit me better....)
  8. That rule applies just as well at truck stops in the US, airports in Europe, universities in South Africa. In other words - I *always* travel with tissues (and I have little tp rolls in plastic too πŸ˜‰
  9. What do you wear at home in spring or fall? If you're dressing for temps in the 60s/70s (in general) and still wear a lot of white, wear the white shoes. But if you're wearing darker colors, to me I don't like white with darker colors. But wear what you like πŸ˜‰ I have had many pairs of trekking pants over the years. Right now, Mumbai pant from Columbia and the Incline pant from Eddie Bauer are my faves. I'm just this side of plus and a lot of athletic companies don't fit - they don't go up to 16, or if they do, it's a pretty dang tiny 16 that doesn't work with my butt or thighs.....
  10. I too always bring something to wear in case of temps much higher or lower than the "expected" forecast - for me, a sundress is great when it gets warm but with a sweater I can wear for much cooler temps. I've read recommendations to have something for 20 degrees warmer and/or cooler, but I think that sort of depends on what you're expecting the temps to be and how warm/cool you usually are. I'm hot blooded - my MIL isn't and keeps her coat on in our house, so I get that we're all different (NO, I don't keep my house THAT cold, my MIL is just super sensitive - I live in NC, not MN πŸ˜‰
  11. I was on EVERYTHING this latest AK trip! I saw a bunch of animals first - very much a surprise for me & husband πŸ˜‰ We had an amazing time up on deck - crossing a very active sound (I can't remember where....) and we had a bunch of the Seabourn naturalists on deck with the passengers, everyone would just shout out what they saw and you'd see 25 prs of binoculars turn in sync to look. So fun πŸ˜‰ And we spent a lot of time on our balcony too. We don't have crazy expensive ones, but we do travel with the "nicer" ones for trips like this (husband keeps a small cheap pair in his backpack for all trips...) We tried the expensive Swarovski binoculars that a couple of the naturalists had, and sure, they were nice - but as husband noted, he didn't notice a "comma in the price tag" difference in viewing, so.... πŸ™‚
  12. In tourist areas, people will probably speak some English. We had a guide our first day in Bangkok and on the 2nd day, we roamed a little on our own and got foot massages and managed with not much verbal communication. I think the tourist sites & temples & wherever we had lunch with the tour guide had western toilets but not sure about other areas. In ko samui we did a quick walk around port, had a beer & a foot massage and didn't use a toilet.....
  13. We did Azamara in Asia a couple years ago and I loved it! We just adore the R class ships - it's our favorite size! I admit we got REALLY spoiled doing Seabourn but it was a great fare comparable to another line we'd been looking at - and more inclusive. Similar ship size to R class but many fewer people....We weren't really planning on cruising at all in 2018, much less Alaska, but the price, itinerary & timing looked good, so we jumped.... Binoculars aren't something everyone cares about. I didn't for years! But now, they're critical to us. When packing for any trip, take your own preferences into consideration over the recommendations of others - you know yourself better than I do!
  14. No knees or shoulders in temples in Thailand - men or women.
  15. Cruise kitty - you'll have so much fun! This was my 3rd Alaska cruise and 4th trip to Alaska - I can't remember any glaring omissions or things I didn't use, actually. There are a ton of packing lists on the Alaska port of call board too - some people bring everything but the kitchen sink, some bring a backpack and are good to go πŸ˜‰ There's a new thread on this board with someone's carry-on only Alaska packing list and she'll be fine too. *waterproof *layers for adapting to changing weather minute to minute πŸ˜‰ *binoculars/camera (we spend time on the balcony & deck with binoculars - and we don't share - this is very important to us!)
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