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  1. Cambodian immigration stapled my vietnam visa into my passport, so now it's there 😉
  2. It's not that complicated - TWOV requires two different countries with China as the transit country. A-B-C. B is China. A and C must be different (from each other AND not China). If your immediate country before China is Japan, Japan cannot be the country you go to immediately after China as well. If you flew to HKG or SIN or.....It would be fine.
  3. My link is also to Lands End and it's regular size, not plus. So they're there 😉
  4. Rash guard & at least board shorts/swim shorts, if not swim leggings. How cute is this skirt/leggings combo? [my husband - who shaves his head - adds a swim bandanna too ;-)]
  5. Had a fabulous trip, one of the best vacations we've ever had. Alas, haven't written up a review - I have a list of reviews I want to do! But work has been super busy since I got back. Hoping it calms down so I can write up a few things!!
  6. Some individual data points from my recent experience [with an American passport]: Vietnam evisa is $25 (single entry only, not all entries/ports allowed- check with the consulate website). Our Azamara provided visa was $6 or $7 in 2016. The multiple entry visas we had for our Aug 2019 Vietnam & Cambodia trip were $135 per person + $20 fedex - I did the application online and emailed the consulate (instructions are online).
  7. Pay as you go and buy something for your cabin for a nightcap - that's what we did on Avalon. Oh - and 1/2 price happy hour (which meant German draft beer for €2.50 I think). But I like wine with meals (and husband likes wine or beer). We brought ingredients for Manhattans and that's what we had for nightcaps in the cabin, and brought on board local wine & beer we bought in port.....
  8. I was specifically responding to the idea that US outlets were available. Sorry if you were specifically referring to Viking - I didn't realize. There have been other non-Viking posts. It's the internet; we're flexible here ;-)
  9. That's not necessarily true. Just did 2 weeks with Avalon in the Mekong- no US style voltage there. Don't think Avalon in Germany did either. Ocean cruise, maybe, some lines.....
  10. I would totally do it! Just tell the instructor you're a novice and ask that s/he note any modifications that should be done for people who aren't experienced. Esp if it's a small group -it shouldn't be a problem. If you're not comfortable trying something, skip it.
  11. Is Jasper a company chartering boats owned by Scenic? If that's the case, makes sense the cruise won't be on Scenic's website - it's not "their" cruise....
  12. Ditto, though I don't often travel with it (I go "au naturel" for hair quite often when I travel). I prefer having 220v to dual voltage - had a dual voltage a few years back and didn't like its performance at home OR abroad. As always, YMMV....
  13. Something comfortable that won't move too much or show too much if you're bending over & around. If you don't have leggings, you can wear a knit short (you want a stretch waist!) and a t-shirt. (I would wear a sports bra but I *need* to wear a sports bra 😉 What other sorts of exercise do you do; what clothing do you wear for that?
  14. Hoyaheel

    Singapore Port

    We were on Azamara and sailed from Harborfront in 2016 - there's a mall attached (VivoCity, as noted above). We dropped off our luggage and roamed the mall for a half hour to spend our last S$. They do have a duty free shop there. Husband ended up buying some insulated pants at Uniqlo. It was 95 degrees F in Singapore, but hey, we had cash we wanted to use up, the pants were a good deal ;-)
  15. Viking has changed their rules and now allows curling irons, per another thread (that included a link to the new policy on the Viking website, I believe)
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