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  1. I'm thinking this. The "Spanish Flu" took YEARS to go away. However, I still have two cruises booked. I'm thinking the November one ain't happening.
  2. ***UPDATE*** as of this Friday morning (May 22nd). A FULL refund has been credited to the card we used to book the cruise. No class action lawsuit, threats or chargeback disputes needed. 🙂
  3. Did we completely shut down and destroy our economy over that? No. A better metaphor would have been the Hong Kong Flu of 68/69. And my father died from cancer related to Agent Orange that he got while serving in Vietnam.
  4. Using 328 Million as a rough estimate of the United States population...doing the math here...carry the one......it is.... 0.0002886006 Percent and what an estimated 98-99% survival rate for those infected?
  5. I don't know about that. Our May 9th sailing has yet to be refunded. I'm sure we will get ours eventually.
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