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  1. I am on the Epic right now. We dock in San Juan in the morning. It will be the last cruise for 60 days. They have said that the ship will have a deep cleaning. Some of the crew will leave, most will stay on. The ship is completely full i have a mini next to the medical clinic. There are no lines, there have been no ambulances at the ports, everyone is happy, the weather is great and self isolating with 6000 people in the middle of the Carribean can be a great thing. I havent heard anyone cough, everyone is washing hands. Its fine. It really is. :)
  2. I hope you keep this up. Will be on the Epic in a couple of weeks, and your review is wonderfully detailed. thanks.
  3. Another small but very convenient hotel is the Hotel lancelot. It in very near the Coliseum in the oldest part of Rome. It used a lot by Rick Stevens and is a good choice for a small non American hotel. Has a great breakfast and very nice little bar. It is not good for wheelchairs. It is great for atmosphere. They will arrange a private taxi or car to take you to the port. No walking involved. I stay there when in Rome even when I am not on a cruise.
  4. Bulletin is as is TN honey which is TN whiskey but wonderful
  5. set yourself an alert on the link that was above. It will tell you if there is enough solar activity to see them. You need dark and solar activity. Some of the best lights I have ever seen, and I have seen hundreds have been in early September. They come and go...changing constantly. Never alike. but you need to stay up. That said, unless there is a good display, the ships lights ruin the show.
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