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  1. One of the big money makers on the cruise lines are groups, in particular, large families celebrating a special event. . One or two might be a smoker and refuses to cruise on a ship that does not allow smoking. Then, the whole group could be lost to a line that does allow limited smoking in order to keep "Uncle George" happy or others in a like minded group.
  2. I am booked on a cruise in January. I am waiting to see how they handle the elevators as I have to use them as "mobility challenged." I can go one or two flights hanging on to the railings and going very slowly but that is it. Having seen what has happened prior to the Covid (people pushing on and not get off even when the "buzzer" goes off indicating overload, pushing in front of scooters, etc.) I can't see how this will be handled. If reports come back for long waits to get an elevator, people jumping the line, then I am going to have to reluctantly cancel as much as I really, really, w
  3. It is primarily a stop to fulfill the PSA requirements requiring a visit to a "distant" foreign port if the ship is going from USA back to USA. 5 hours is really not long enough for any tours other than to go into town and walk around which is well worth while. I've been to Victoria several times on land tours and love the town.
  4. I can see a win/win here. Congress agrees to a temporary waiver of the PSA if the ships actually "call" at a port in Canada. "Call" being defined as a crew member going from the ship out in Canadian waters into the port and get paperwork done that they did indeed "visit" the port without any passengers actually disembarking.. Canada might agree to that if they got paid as if they did indeed dock by collecting port charges for every passenger or a charge for the unused pier they would have used. . I know, in the past, It has sometimes happened when the ship could not get into port due to
  5. I am not one to use Princess excursions for anything that I can do on my own. That being said, when we did this cruise, we used their transfers and I highly recommend doing it. We had a flight about the same time you are looking at and had plenty of time to make it. They checked us in and got us boarding passes the night before we got to port. We disembarked ourselves mainly to keep an eye on our luggage and did get a porter. The porter had us in a quicker line from the others. I don't know if it was dedicated to them or what but I can tell you it was a seamless transfer. A s
  6. We have a similar question so I'm glad someone addressed it. In our case, my sister and I were planning on taking a cruise this month that was cancelled. Her husband was not interested in going until a vaccine was out and mine felt the same. As I said, it was cancelled. Later, after receiving our deposit back (we had not made final payment), we were contacted that, if we were willing to book the same cruise in 2022, they would give us $500 on board credit However, it had to be the same people in the cabin. Now the husbands are ready to go. So, we booked the men in one cabin and us in a
  7. I have never seen them specifically identified in the Patters. It always says "smoking only in designated areas." However, I have found there is an area on Deck 14 (I think), near the forward elevators and a bar that has been consistent on all the Princess ships I have been on. It is covered, has tables and chairs, and they even set up coffee/tea in the mornings. On deck 4 there has been a small "nook" outside by the aft elevators near the theater entrance that has been consistent. The problem is that there are no chairs, outside in the elements, closed when in port, and when it is wind
  8. I am booked the week before that. Does that mean ships can go there or just tourists via land?
  9. I think it is just Athens that is being "stubborn" and not all the Greece ports.
  10. Apparently the going opinion is that Greece is the reason the cruise was changed around. Before going into any ports after the virus is contained is that the ports provide information about availability of facilities if someone does get the virus and has to be taken off the ship. These would include such things as hospitals, doctors, accommodations to quarantine people if necessary, transportation available to get them home among others. Greece has failed to provide any of these "guarantees."
  11. Our TA had set up a group cruise on the Enchanted back in 2018 or 2019 for August 2021 on the 3-day sale which was to go from Barcelona to Athens (14 days) If one wanted a B2B, it would go from Athens back to Barcelona (7 days). Several of his clients booked it as such. At first, it was B2B but later Princess had decided to give those on B2B a cheaper price if they booked it as a 21 day rather than 2 separate cruises so he changed them out. He has quite a few doing Barcelona to Athens only though. Fast forward to today he gets an e-mail saying the 21 day had been cancelled. No
  12. When we did our Australian cruise we considered doing it as a cruise tour. Then we checked with Kensington Tours who custom did the same things for us offered on the cruise tour and was cheaper. It was, also, longer which covered the same things but was not as an intensive itinerary giving us more "rest time." The tour company took care of everythng from our front door to the ship for the cruise.. They made several changes for us and smiled while they did it. We stayed in great hotels (Four Seasons in Sydney as an example), the guides were great, and, best of all, we weren't with bus lo
  13. When I have eyeballed a saved, unoccupied lounger, for 45 minutes or so, I take their things to the pool attendant telling him it has been sitting there empty for 45 minutes. If the chair hog comes back, I say "Gee, the guy who was sitting here was leaving and told me he was done and I could have it" and then go back to my book. As my DH has told me, it takes two to have an argument. I have been tempted, though, when someone has left their book on a lounge to save to rip the last 10 pages out (lol).
  14. I went to the theater armed with the daily planner with the "no saving seats" highlighted. Picked a seat at the end of a prime row where 8 or more seats were being saved. The woman came over and told me that the seat was occupied. I looked around, seeing no one, produced the planner and told her that perhaps she had "overlooked" this directive. She said they would all be there in a minute. I told her if they came, in the next 10 minutes, I would gladly relinquish the seat. Of course, they didn't--half the time the reserved seats would be empty the whole show unless someone was as "pushy
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