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  1. Where did you see this? I don't see it on their website yet
  2. Just wanted to share this bit of information: I just came back from Florida on Oct 9th. We needed a PCR test to fly home. I booked tests for myself, husband and parents online through the CVS website. I used the resort address as MY address, uploaded pics of our travel insurance (parents) and health benefits (myself and spouse), selected a day and time. On the day of the test we figured we might have to pay but held our breath hoping for a free test. We used the drive-thu at CVS, gave the girl our confirmation codes that we received on the booking. She gave us the test to do ourselves and then we dropped them into the box beside the window. 24 hrs letter we had our results. We payed NOTHING - tests were FREE. We were super happy as it saved us $800 US for the 4 of us.
  3. Hi Russ i need to use Switch Health for a COVID test for our upcoming flight and cruise. Our flight is at 9:40am so will need to book an early appointment. If you could share your experience using Switch Health I would really appreciate it. It makes me nervous heading to the airport without any tests done. thanks Karen
  4. Yeah does seem like to many have used. I guess I’ll have to report back with my own experience.
  5. We fly Nov 17 and our cruise on Nov 19. What date do you leave?
  6. I sent an email to a SDM in Oakville as they have posted 24 hrs. They replied with a link to book online COVID tests. All the hrs listed where between 8am-5pm.
  7. Correct. I can test on Wednesday morning prior to our flight and our test will still be good to use for our cruise on Friday. I would love to hear from someone who has used Switchhealth services at Pearson.
  8. My flight is at 9:40am so I can’t go to Walmart or SDM
  9. If anyone has first hand experience that they can share with using Switchealth at Pearson Airport for their covid 19 test prior to their flight I would love to hear. I'm a little nervous going to the airport hrs before my departure without a covid test done. I need to take a test the day we depart from Pearson for our cruise, as we are spending a couple of days in Fort Lauderdale and only want to do one test for travel and cruise. Please let me know. Thanks Karen
  10. Was your experience good getting tested at Pearson airport? We are traveling to Fort Lauderdale two days before the Cruise, If I get tested the day before it will be expired on cruise day, so I'm thinking the best route would be to test day of flight at Pearson. The price at Pearson sucks, especially with Walmart pricing now at $20. We could try to get tested at CVS or Walgreens when we arrive but that is just another extra headache.
  11. We had a planned trip to Cocoa Beach with my parents so it worked out well that I could get the extra dose. I can add this to my Ontario Health Records but I'm going to wait because if cruise lines start asking for a Booster Shot I don't want to be back to square one.
  12. I went to Florida a couple of weeks ago. I scheduled my 3rd shot (2nd dose of Pfizer) at CVS. So easy and simple and FREE. I'm so excited that I can now go on my Nov cruise. Yippee!!
  13. I know that. My question is do you think the US border will be open on Sept 21 to cross over by car??
  14. Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on whether the US border will open up to us Canadian on Sept 21?
  15. I wish the 2nd sheet didn’t state 2 doses because some might interpret it as two Pfizer doses received.
  16. I have the same AZ/Pfizer. My question is how did you proof that you have had one dose of mRNA because my receipt shows that I’ve received two doses. It doesn’t state what those two doses are????
  17. Does anyone know if there is a certain # of days that you must have between Dose 2 and Dose 3 for it to qualify as fully vaccinated. I had the following shots: AZ - April 17 PZ - June 28 Plan to get 3rd dose of PZ end of Sept (Sept 26-30) when I'm visiting Florida next month. How easy will it be to go to a US pharmacy as a Canadian and get my 3rd dose? If anyone has done this yet, please share your experience? Did you have to pay?
  18. Question: Does any one know if there are certain # of days between Dose 2 and Dose 3 to be considered valid??
  19. H Siobhan, How will you get a 3rd dose? In Ontario you can't get one yet.
  20. I have a copy of the email response saying that a 3rd dose is Good, so I will keep a copy of it. My next cruise is Nov 17 and I'm really hoping to go. If the border opens up we may trying to get a 3rd dose in the US. I'm just wondering how easy is it to get. Can I walk into any Walgreens and get a 3rd vaccine?? If anyone has experience on this please share.
  21. I had my TA confirm with Celebrity if they will accept a 3rd dose. The response was: If a guest would get a 3rd dose, we will only be looking as if at least 2 of 3 doses meet the current requirements. So get your 3rd dose and report back on how easy or difficult it was to obtain.
  22. Wow, I just forwarded this to my agent and she said she has not been told this by her Celebrity contacts. I certainly hope your wrong. This is unjust. If I take a 2nd pfizer than that should correct the Unvaccinated issue. BS!!!!
  23. Looks like policy's are changing again. Celebrity has now announced that ALL passengers over the age of 12 MUST be vaccinated. Can't sail unvaccinated anymore unless your under 12 yrs old.
  24. I hope your right!!! Can you tell I'm getting in patient. LOL
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