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  1. Her brother, the Delta King, has been a hotel and restaurant in Sacramento, CA for a long time. I have eaten in the restaurant a few times many years ago, and really enjoyed the experience. :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delta_King http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/19/Delta_King.JPG/800px-Delta_King.JPG
  2. We don't use locks. I make sure if I am worried about losing something then I am carrying it. If someone needs my dirty underwear worse than me..... they can have it. :D
  3. Got my vote. Great memories of her on our Canadian / New England trip.
  4. My CU Debit card is what I always use. The first time I used it in a foreign ATM I went on line that evening to see what rate I was getting. I noticed the withdrawal came out of my checking and I had assumed it would be my savings account. Good thing I checked... because I then transferred funds to my checking to cover the rest of the trip. :)
  5. I cann't vote in your poll.... because I was 17 when I sailed the SS France from NY to Le Harve.
  6. I think these guys know what they're doing. If it can be salvaged and returned to service they will work 24/7 to get her back on line. The big challenge will be finding a dry dock they can tie up for 6-12+ months..... but they could luck out depending what the builder is doing now. Case in point ....the Star Princess after the fire. They completely rebuild half her port side upper decks in a matter of a couple of months.
  7. The ship that caught fire was the first in the build of the Diamond class ships and was named Diamond Princess. Because Princess Cruise wanted to keep the designation "Diamond Class" the second ship which was to be named Sapphire Princess was moved up in scheduled and became the first ship completed. It was renamed and is today's current "Diamond Princess" The ship that burned, the original Diamond, was renamed Sapphire Princess as delivered as and still is the "Sapphire Princess".
  8. Actually the Titanic was running at a reckless speed in known iceberg filled waters. Bruce Ismay pushed Captain Smith to run at full speed so they could get to NYC in record time. Gee... not unlike unnecessary course deviations. :rolleyes:
  9. I would not characterize the entire crew as heroes. There was also the incident when crew filled a lifeboat and would not let passengers on. But I do agree those individuals that did do their job and go beyond should be mentioned. Unfortunately I would not consider this as "Costa's Finest Hour".
  10. I think anyone hiring onto the crew knows what is expected and what to expect. All crew members are part of the safety team. They all have stations and responsibilities at the time of an incident. I can show you pictures I took of many of them going through refresher training while we all took off for our tours. During the Star Princess fire it was the crew (like maintenance folks) who fought and put out that fire. They were performing their "extra" duty. ;)
  11. Those are paid for by the people that did buy their pictures. ;):D
  12. I do. The airlines like to be able to drag the manufactures in for a share of the responsibility. By admitting human effort Costa lets off the manufactures of nav equipment.
  13. Still will cruise. Chances of surviving a ship wreck are much greater than a car wreck or a plane crash. A far as behavior... I will continue to attend and pay attention at muster calls. ;)
  14. We get and have taken advantage of the last minute deals via email from our Captain's Circle registration. They are the best prices but are typically re-positioning, early and late season sailings.
  15. I'll cinch it for you. Not only is the trail steep... but it is covered with donkey dung. :eek: :(
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