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  1. I wish we could fly SWA but we don't like to change planes. We want direct flights.
  2. I really, really loved her, but mu husband did not. lol
  3. I used to buy the sheet of drink coupons (4 or 5 coupons per sheet) However, several years ago (2012 or 2013) they changed them to "Cruise Cash Bar". I expected to receive 2 sets of bar coupons. When I got on the ship my 2 sheets of drink coupons was $50 credit on my S&S card and use it or lose it. I was doing B2B & wanted one set to go on each cruise account. GS had to go through Miami headquarters to get the 2nd one switched to the 2nd cruise. Never again.
  4. Oops! Since it's not really that great, I guess I forgot about it. Actually last Feb. we did a B2B (7 day + 12 day Journey) and received the choc. covered strawberries the first week and received 6 little fancy cake like things (like petit fours.
  5. I thought I bought mine then, too, but it was in 2009 for me and I guess it was when the economy & stock market was way down. I bought in for $17.06/share. The dividend at that time was .40, but a 1/2 year later the dividend was dropped. Eventually the dividend returned starting at .10/share but is now .50/share. I've received over $1800 in OBC over the years.
  6. I agree. I don't understand why you can't bring 2 weeks worth of wine when you board for a 14 day cruise.
  7. Then why doesn't it melt on a steaming, hot baked potato?
  8. Priority boarding, cabin being ready, early luggage delivery, free laundry, free Platinum/Diamond party, priority tender boarding.
  9. I bought 2 $500 GCs a couple of weeks ago after the announcement. I have enough points to buy 2 more $500 GCs and will do so before the cut-off date the end of August. I have about 70,000 points on Allstate Rewards so can continue to buy from them.
  10. Since we are Platinum, we go to the cabin to drop off carry-on luggage & put money in the safe. Then up to Lido for lunch. After lunch, go back to cabin to unpack carry-on luggage & when our luggage arrives (hopefully, early) we unpack everything before time for muster drill.
  11. Sounds like a pretty good upsell.
  12. But then you have to get off ship and take a taxi to get to a store.
  13. Sorry, I can't answer that. Maybe go to John Heald's FB page and ask that question.
  14. When we have Drinks on Us Card in the casino we tip so the bar server will find us frequently. I also tip when we get free drinks at Plat/Diamond Party. I usually ask for "Mocha Chocolate Getaway" and ask the server to bring me another one in about 10 or 15 minutes.
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