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  1. On Norwegian Escape, we skipped Costa Maya today (Feb 19), heading straight to Cozumel for an overnight stop. Apparently the entrance to Costa Maya is still blockaded.
  2. Alright most of the problems seem to have solutions: Entertainment - Tablet, books, deck of cards Social - Internet to talk to people back home Laundry - Wash in sink (I have the stuff for this) Sunlight - And this is the though one. Vitamin D supplements? Do they let those little lamps on the ship?
  3. Oh right, internet. I'm so used to thinking of it as something you only have limited access to on a ship. But with people stuck in there cabins, hopefully they've been increasing the availability. At least then I'd be able to talk to people back home. I usually try to limit the amount of electronics that I travel with, maybe this trip should be the exception.
  4. So, in the event that you were in one of those tiny solo cabins and the ship was put into a two week quarantine, how would you keep from going insane? (Yeah, currently packing and getting a bit nervous that this could happen.)
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