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  1. Wngsfan

    NCL Ferry to St. George's

    Is the NCL ferry that runs from the Dockyard to St. George's the same ferry that is labeled as "The Orange Route" in the Summer Ferry Schedule? I have read previous posts that state the NCL ferry leaves the Dockyard at 9 am but the the Orange Route shows it leaving at 9:30.
  2. Wngsfan

    Bermuda private guide

    Following up.........what was your experience like with the Twizy? Were you able to see everything you wanted to? We have one booked for October but I am still undecided if it is better to go with a guide, or keep the Twizy and discover the island on our own. My main concern is trying to figure out the best route so that we are not backtracking and wasting time trying to cram everything into one day.
  3. Wngsfan

    Twizy Insurance

    Our insurance company confirmed that they would cover a Twizy in the event of an accident. We would be responsible for our deductible.
  4. Is there live music every evening?
  5. Wngsfan

    Twizy Insurance

    Just wanted people to be aware........if the Twizy is damaged, the cost incurred could make for a very expensive holiday.
  6. Wngsfan

    Twizy Insurance

    We have a Twizy reserved for October. I was informed by the company that the mandatory insurance only covers the other vehicle in the event of an accident. The renter is responsible for any damage to the Twizy. Has anyone contacted their own personal insurance company to see if a Twizy would fall under their policy?
  7. Wngsfan

    Ok we rented the Twizy and I loved it!

    What did you do about car insurance? We have a Twizy rented for October and I know about the mandatory insurance. However, I found out today that the mandatory insurance does not cover damage to the Twizy. If you scrape the car, or you have an accident, you are responsible for the repairs. The insurance purchased with the car is a Third Party Insurance and only covers damage to other vehicles. I received confirmation of that information today directly from the company. Did they offer you additional options or did you purchase something through your personal car insurance?
  8. If we bid for an opportunity to upgrade from an inside room to a balcony on the Escape, what additional fees should I consider? Will our daily service fees go up even though they have been prepaid? Does a balcony room have additional staff looking after us that we have to tip, and if so, how much? Or does that only apply to Haven guests?
  9. Wngsfan

    Suggestions/Advice please...

    We will be docked at the Dockyards
  10. Wngsfan

    Suggestions/Advice please...

    NCL has switched our cruise from Bahamas to Bermuda. We are travelling October 14 out of New York. We are pleased with the change, however, we do not arrive in Bermuda until 5:00 pm. Normally this itinerary has you arriving in the morning on the first day. So we really only have a day and a half to explore. There are so many things I'd love to see and do and I was hoping people who have travelled to Bermuda before can give some insight as to what is possible and what should be eliminated due to time constraints. The things that interest us is the beach with the pink sand, Tom Moore's Jungle, the caves, Swizzle Inn, the unfinished church and a little window shopping. We would welcome any new suggestions as well.
  11. Wngsfan

    Barbados and taxes on alcohol

    Thank you. That's what I thought. When we cruised out of New York to Port Canaveral and Nassau our bill was small but at least we knew about it beforehand. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my question.
  12. When the ship is docked in Barbados, are we responsible for the taxes on our drinks? (we have the UBP) I understand that is the case for U.S. ports but wondering if it is common practice for all ports.
  13. Wngsfan

    Escape Inside Family Cabin-9439

    Thank you. I hadn't thought about the noise from the theatre. The theatre is two levels below us so hopefully we won't hear anything. Maybe we will just have to stay up late every night in the District!!
  14. Booked an inside room on the Escape for October 2018. I explained to the NCL rep that we would prefer something as close to mid-ship as possible in the hopes of alleviating motion sickness and that we wanted to be close to stairs for convenience. She suggested a family room, 9439. My question is.........does it matter that only two people will be in the room? Will the additional beds be a hindrance or do that tuck away nicely? Also, everyone mentions to stay away from "white areas" but I have no idea what that means? The NCL rep said that she thought this room would be convenient because we wouldn't have to go down multiply corridors to reach our room. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know that the room is not used much, but with the date so far away, if there is something wrong I have time to change rooms. thank you in advance. We are avid CC readers and have already learned so much! I find the research almost as fun as the trip. Cheers!
  15. Wngsfan

    NCL Insurance

    If we purchase trip insurance through NCL and one of us gets sick while on the ship, are we still responsible to pay out-of-pocket and submit forms for reimbursement? Also, we are Canadian, would Blue Cross be better than what NCL offers? We are trying to figure out if there is an insurance provider that pays on your behalf, or if all companies make you pay up front and then reimburse you afterwards. My apologies..........I have read so many threads but many are American so not sure if those websites are used by Canadians as well to purchase insurance. We do have coverage through work, but not sure if it is enough or what kind of hassles we will get if we have to put in a claim. Also, if we purchase through NCL, do we have to tell them the same time as when we book? We are planning to book a trip this Thursday on the Escape out of New York for October 2018.