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  1. crsshiplover

    Have you toured with Royston/Ashton or Thenford Grey

    You will LOVE touring with Royston--I just can't say enough good things about the day we had with him. He was very accommodating to what we wanted to see/do. I wanna go back!
  2. crsshiplover


    I think tipping is all over the board. I know of several who tip up to $50 on a day tour; the price of the tour itself was only $40. I take into consideration what it would have cost booking a tour through the ship and then take into consideration how many were on the tour.
  3. crsshiplover

    I have read and read.....Please help

    I did hear from another couple that the Marriott has day rates. We toured with Royston and it was fabulous. I know you want a beach, but for anyone else, I can't speak highly enough of him or his tour.
  4. crsshiplover

    Maybe I just worry to much

    If I remember right, Super Shuttle from LAX to the port was $15/pp. You could probably try to price it on their website.
  5. crsshiplover

    Warning to folks buying booze onboard

    I just called the BV desk today and ordered a bottle of Vodka and one of Kahula. I asked them to deliver it in the evening after we sale to save on the sales tax. Not a big deal, but honestly, I won't drink any of it until late in the evening. I asked this on another thread but didn't get a response...for those of you that use bloody mary mix-do you keep it cold? Do you take your own big cooler and just tip them to keep it iced? Or do you take small cans? Folks were talking about Zing Zang, but I've never seen that in small containers. Any insight is appreciated.
  6. crsshiplover

    Flying in day of cruise?

    Personally, I wouldn't do it. I was at the baggage claim a couple years ago standing near two couples that had flight delays (weather, mechanical) and then it was taking forever for their bags. They called the cruise line to tell them they were on their way and they were told the ship was sailing on time--whether they made it or not. They were beside themselves trying to decide if they should wait for their luggage. Personally, I don't like being in situations like that and having to make a decision as to whether I wait for luggage or just go without it, knowing I may miss the ship even if I don't wait for it. Yeah, I always buy insurance, but all the planning and anticipation and then to have something like that happen--I wouldn't have been happy staying back. If you don't mind living on the edge and can live with a beach vacation for the week and not have regrets, then fly in the day of and hope it all works out. I'd be too disappointed if I missed the ship and part of the cruise.
  7. For those of you that take your own mixer on, do you keep it cold? Does it have to be kept cold the entire time? Debating whether to take cans or the big plastic bottles. And, do you carry them on or put them in your suitcase? Thanks!
  8. crsshiplover

    Yellowbird Questions

    Just the kind of information I was looking for! Enjoy!
  9. I've done some searches but can't find much about these cabins. Anyone know anything? Thanks.
  10. crsshiplover

    Cozumel death =FOS

  11. crsshiplover

    Yellowbird Questions

    Does anyone know the likelihood of being able to book this on my own or does it likely sell out through the cruiselines? Is it much cheaper booking directly? Thanks!
  12. Has anyone had a recent experience with these rooms they can share? Thanks.
  13. crsshiplover

    Need pre-cruise hotel in Anchorage

    Thanks for the info! I was able to get the Sheraton on Priceline for just over $100. Given I'm not sailing w/them, I've done no research and had no idea they were sailing out of somewhere else (obviously, I've never done Alaska!). Time to start doing some homework on this trip! Time to research transfers, etc. Thanks again--nice to be able to count on my friends at CC!!!
  14. Hi, my sister and her husband are sailing late July out of Anchorage on Carnival Spirit and are looking for a pre-cruise hotel for just one night. Does anyone know of a hotel that offers shuttle from airport or to the port? They are somewhat inexperienced so I am looking for something pretty straightforward for getting around. Any insight you can provide is appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Anyone know the price of a relaxation massage on a port day, when they typically discount them? Also, are the coupons allowed on that day? Thanks!