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  1. You do get access to Diamond Lounge, which is great. Other little perks, too. But no gift or anything. From when we started cruising 15 years ago to now, they are giving less and less as far as gifts go.
  2. That was kind of what I was picturing. To purchase the all-day passes is only $10 more than what I bought the half day at, so I am guessing they are calling it a wash.
  3. I see hard liquors listed on the menu. Do they make mixed drinks? With the wine being not so good, that sounds like a better option. This will be our first Diamond level cruise so wasn’t sure what drinks, specifically, you could get.
  4. We purchased the half day thrill water park passes a few months ago for our sailing in July. Does anyone know how they enforce the times? We have 7:30-10:45am. Is there a separate wrist band? I wasn’t sure how they did the half day vs full day. Thanks!
  5. What do they have at the snack shack?
  6. We did it on the Anthem this past January, and it was so much fun. The thing that made it the best for us was our table mates. We sat with such a fun group of people, and we didn't realize how much the mimosas were affecting us. We got a bit toasty for that early in the day, but it was a blast. The tour itself was really informative - not just about kitchen things. We asked questions about crew life in general and learned A LOT. And the food was excellent. Definitely worth it, in my opinion.
  7. I have done the first itinerary, and it was awesome. I have been to St. Thomas way too many times to find it enjoyable anymore, but that was a bonus "sea" day for me as most people were off the ship. If it is your first time going to any of these islands, as someone stated above - they are all very similar. So look at excursions, and make your decision based off of what ports enthrall you the most that way.
  8. This will be our first cruise at Diamond level. I didn't realize we got so many things! For the 24 hours of free internet, is it a 24 hour period (like 7am Monday - 7am Tuesday), or is it accumulative, meaning I can use it a bit each day?
  9. Honestly, the windjammer is going to be busy at "busy times". We usually get on the ship as early as we can and go right to the Windjammer. It is our "we are officially on a cruise" moment. If you go after 12, it is going to be busier. Same for breakfast. We would go early or a little later. It is no different than a restaurant or anything like that. And depending on how many people are in your group, you might have to split up to eat. When we took my parents, there were 6 of us total, and we usually ate at 2 tables.
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