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  1. Thanks. Just to clarify. I was not relying on ABTA for consumer advice. Rather pointing out that CMV has been telling customers directly - also in telephone conversations - that the 90 to 120 day delay is a result of ABTA guidance to them. Having researched this extensively with various sources there is no evidence to back that up. ABTA has made representations to the UK government in general about extended refund periods but not - according to Simon Calder and others - direct to CMV. In any event this all appears, very sadly, academic given CMV's current position. Let's hope a rescue package
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/19/uk-port-authorities-board-cruise-ships-amid-welfare-fears-for-crew-coronavirus
  3. As many will know, Simon Calder is the highly respected travel editor of the UK's Independent newspaper and also a regular expert contributor to BBC News - TV and radio - and Sky News. He is very well informed as to both consumer and trade guidance. This short clip about CMV and ABTA is taken from his Independent Facebook page. Simon Calder CMV.mp4
  4. I have seen that logic reported for several months now and do not disagree. But CMV claim 'just' 30 per cent of their customers have requested refunds. They are sitting on money that is not theirs and those customers are legally entitled to a refund.
  5. I'm well aware of the wider picture involving all travel companies, not just cruise lines. But in CMV's case the suspicion is they are not processing refunds at all - or only a small fraction - as they do not have the cash. With no prospect of refunds being given unless a rescue package is found. And, yes, they are ABTA guaranteed for UK customers but that could spell several months more delay when, in some cases, customers with changed circumstances are in dire need of their money back.
  6. Obviously we all hope CMV can be rescued. But there may be no return to normal cruises until 2022 which has further serious financial implications for cruise companies. Not least CMV. And they have damaged their reputation by misleading customers in saying their 90 to 120 day timescale to process refunds for cancelled cruises is the result of ABTA guidance. Which it is not. They simply do not have the means to issue mass refunds and have no option but to use delaying tactics. While UK / European law states refunds must be made within 14 days, no-one expects companies dealing with the results o
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