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  1. I don't like flaming companies online with complaints (even the best businesses will disappoint at times). But, I cant let others experience the damage that I experienced by not being able to connect to my work email (or the internet generally) for the duration of a voyage. Let me be clear -- do NOT book on NCL if you need access to Internet. My family and I traveled in December on the NCL Gem. Because of work, I needed to connect to email and figured I would have no issues since they advertised services that included "streaming" packages where you could access You Tube and other heavy bandwith sites. I figured access to work internet shouldn't be a problem -- boy was I wrong. Despite paying close to $400, most days I couldn't even load gmail.com without a timeout. I measured download speed and it was often below 500KBS (that is slower than old time AOL dialup speeds. I am not exaggerating. I spoke with the internet manager onboard on multiple occasions and he acknowledged ridiculously slow speeds (and that the ability to "stream" was laughable), but also indicated he couldn't do anything, including refund my money. I wanted to give NCL the benefit of the doubt and lodged a complaint with their customer service after returning home. Their response was underwhelming (basically that the service depends on satellite and can't be as fast as land service -- no kidding...). They also refused to even refund my money. Note that I wasn't looking for blazing speeds, all I wanted to do was access gmail! Perhaps I just had bad luck, and others had better experiences. I actually had hoped that someone would have just admitted it was an anomaly so that I could feel safe booking another cruise on NCL. But given their response, I can't afford to take the chance on NCL again -- I will have to limit myself to RCL (which has awesome internet -- in fact much faster than I would ever need).
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