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  1. http://www.cmport.com/ships-in-port/cruise-ships/copenhagen I used this to find out how many ships are docked :)
  2. you are welcome! On our cruise, only people staying in Station B got to use it. I was told by Princess that these passengers were notified at least 60 days in advance by email.
  3. Very sorry for the super late reply, I had a little medical problem with my right eye for the past few weeks. The only free shuttle to town was in Oslo. There is a board sign next to the shops at the port and you wait there. Mind you it only makes one stop, which is to the Akershus shopping terminal, which is within walking distance to the Akershus Fortress. We saw lots of people walking back to town and to the ship, which I personally do not recommend, especially in hot weather. For the return trip back to the ship, just wait at the Akershus shopping terminal again. They have good shopping, small snacks shop and free toilets. For Tallinn, we walked to town, about 15 minutes with nothing to see on the way lol. There are shuttles buses but not free. $10USD pp. All other ports, you have to find a way to get out of town using either private transportations, tour excursions, or Hop on Hop offs. Hope this helps!
  4. Hello, I did not receive the Ocean Medallion. On our cruise, only a handful of passengers received it. They wore it around their neck with a lanyard and used it instead of the card for purchases, as identification, etc. Other than that, sorry I do not have any further info.
  5. Very sorry for the super late reply, I had a little health problem with my right eye for the past few weeks. TBH, most of the ports claimed they have free wifis, but they are very spotty, and sometimes I could not log on at all. At Oslo port there's a cafe and you are supposed to get free wifi with purchase but we did not use it. The city hall in Helsinki had the best free wifi. Other than that, you probably just have to depend on local cafes or restaurants.
  6. Very sorry for the super late reply, I had a little health problem with my right eye for the past few weeks. You do not have to book in advance. We were the first group off the ship so there were already a few taxis waiting. However, if you are leaving to the airport after 7 am, I was told there may be a wait. Just give yourself plenty of time if you are leaving later. We paid cash but for all other taxi rides in Copenhagen, we paid CC. It was $44 USD.
  7. I would also like to add that in Tallinn we just walked to town , took about 15 mins, not much to see on the way there. There’s a shuttle bus that takes you to Viru Gate (like an entrance to town) if u want to save your energy. RT is I think $10 USD pp, and for family of 4 $25 USD. There is a fun little train like a kiddie train that takes u around town if u prefer. A couple we chatted with regretted taking the Hop on Hop off cuz it was restricted in entering many tourist spots.
  8. I must say I enjoy the professionalism and the small group in St. Petersburg with SPB. There were 10 of us in the Mercedes van and the ease of the van being able to maneuver in and out of narrow crowded streets, and the fact that you don’t have to walk 10 minutes to your bus parked far away was priceless for us. On our cruise, 700+ passengers used SPB at St. Petersburg. I almost booked Berlin with them but my kids wanted train ride so we booked with Princess for a hefty price lol. But we did not regret it because I am not good at long car rides (3 hours one way). The prices were not that much different with SPB and Princess for other ports. Plus some of SPB itineraries do not visit places I want to go eg National Gallery in Oslo. But if you prefer smaller groups, I do think other tour companies have its advantages. Hope this helps.
  9. The tv is a great idea but ours was facing us directly just at the end of the bed on the wall, all 32 inches of it :(. Since I’m the one who usually has middle of the night bathroom visits :D, I end up leaving the curtains opened just a tiny slit, since dawn starts around 2am just about everyday !
  10. Since I was on a few of the other Princess excursions, from my experience, it is not feasible to reuse or “borrow” a sticker since each tour at each port has its own designated color and number . :( But I like your thinking out of the box idea! At St. Petersburg, we (non princess excursion) were given a number on a piece of paper to show Princess personnel as we left the ship, no stickers. SPB reassured us beforehand that they will be informed of any early or late arrivals , port change etc. and they will adjust accordingly. They must have some insider informant lol.
  11. Besides the obvious bigger size, we have two chairs and a small table on the balcony, two TVs, fridge, tub, safe, bathrobes, sofa bed, welcome champagne and hairdryer. It makes sense for us since we r traveling with kids. :)
  12. We did not stay in the CC mini suite. Occasionally I would see a CC sign stationed at the entrance of the dining rooms, but we were still able to dine at the same room. My whole family was very impressed with the variety of dishes on the menu nightly. I am sure since Princess charges the CC more, your menu will be worth every penny. :) The captain announced there were 300+ passengers who joined us at Warnemunde and 100+ from St. Petersburg vs 1600+ from Copenhagen. I don’t think you missed out on anything . It was a long day at Warnemunde so not much activities was on board that day. Lots of activities will repeat. Dining room was mostly empty because people were just too exhausted.
  13. Unfortunately not for the mini suite we stayed in. I tried to leave the door ajar with the light on but was unsuccessful. Be careful of the tall step.
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