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  1. Colleges are mostly March. Schools....in Wisconsin it can vary, last week in march, 1st week in april or week after Easter.
  2. Any sort of delay, you could miss the ship. I would be way to nervous to fly in the day of. And if you miss the ship and don't have travel insurance, don't expect a refund either.
  3. Google the temperature at your ports
  4. If she is older, I would get her the passport. What if she has an emergency? It will delay her in getting home. And you said the cruise is next year? So she has plenty of time to get it. If cost is a big concern, is she aware of the spending money she will need?
  5. Go to the very back at the Garden Café. Check out the crepe station. If you have a balcony, there are USB ports for your phones underneath the lights by the bed.
  6. Norwegian has these requirements. I know you can switch rooms at time of boarding and get keys etc but technically you have to book an adult in the cabin. So it had to be adjoining, you can't book down the hall https://www.ncl.com/cruise-faq/age-requirements
  7. My kid went on a Washington DC trip at age 11 and it was only kids in a room. As long as they are super close I think they would be fine. But I do think you technically have to book an adult in that room when making a reservation.
  8. We had a Pullman for our cruise and my then, 11 year old used. So much easier to have him sleep on that and have the sofa free so we could sit down etc while he was in bed. There was a railing on the side to not fall out.
  9. My son was 11 when we went on the Norwegian Escape. He loved all the activities including the ropes course, arcade and slides. He only attended 1 kids club event.
  10. No but instead of just being a NO -Show you should have called them to say you weren't coming at all.
  11. Flying from Toronto in March.........yeah, no way I am taking a same day flight, It would make me too nervous.
  12. The guests around you will also appreciate you not pushing a double stroller. too many narrow spaces
  13. I think its because the only way to get back to Miami in an emergency from a Caribbean is pretty much flying. You took the chance and gambled. I get it, you don't think something like that will happen until it does though.
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