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  1. I need some ideas of the best and cheapest travel insurance. Who has be cheapest that still pays for most issue?
  2. I had same question. We will also be there this day and time frame.
  3. Being a Platinum member I was wondering if it matter if I arrived to port earlier than your scheduled appointment for check in? I usually receive a early check in, but if I am run later it is not a big deal. The coming up cruise I have a noon appointment time and that is the time I will plan on getting to port. I will leaving on a Monday and with work traffic and several hours drive I would like to give me a 30 minute or hour lead-way in case of work traffic. Does anyone have any experience if I do get to port 30 minutes early will they turn me away? I am platinum and did not know if it mattered. I spoke to someone at Carnival and they said it did not matter as long as I have Priority Boarding, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience. I will be leaving out of Mobile.
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