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  1. Not sure where in the Pacific Northwest you are from, hopefully I will not encounter you. If you think a mask is uncomfortable, try a respirator
  2. No go. Not a chance for any PNW ports the rest of 2020.
  3. Even if Alaska may be open in September. Seattle is still a very questionable. The cruises might have to round trip from Florida.
  4. Another question is if Alaska cruises will be allowed at all this season? It is not clear Seattle's Port will open to ships. When you get to Seattle you might have swim to shore, maintaining 6ft social distancing of course.
  5. Good luck on your trip. Hopefully the Alaska 14 day mandated self quarantine for anyone flying to Alaska will be lifted by then. https://apnews.com/23dbc1a6bd4a855dab397c42fb62a9a7
  6. Maybe. Don't bet the farm on it. Not a big appetite in Seattle for large crowds of tourists flying in town for cruises, re infecting the community.
  7. Note to self: Sell cruise ship stocks.
  8. This also will require the Port of Seattle allowing the cruises. As of this date, the Port is closed indefinitely with no commitment of opening this summer to any cruises. The State of Washington has also not agreed to these sailings. Well.Good luck Princess, you're going to need it...
  9. Well said. I just about to type this. I continue to be surprise how people in other parts of the county don't get that the cruise party to Alaska is likely over this season.
  10. Understand the comparison. I would not be interested taking any flights out of a highly infected NYC any time soon. Enjoy your travels.
  11. Exactly. Who is going to want to sit in a middle seat next to two asymptomatic cruise pax on a commercial flight?
  12. Or just take naïve people's money, then being slow at giving it back. Shame on Princess for not matching the reality of the communities where it Ports.
  13. Port of Seattle for the foreseeable future does not want cruise ships coming or going from anywhere here. Also Hawaii has no interest in them either for the time being.
  14. Many small AK towns end up sending their critical care patients to Seattle already. My DW treats them at University of Washington Medical Center. They have a full house now from local cases.
  15. FYI: Anyone planning to visit Alaska for now: https://www.juneauempire.com/news/city-mandates-self-quarantine-for-travelers-coming-into-juneau/
  16. Any West Coast ports, including Alaska, opening up to cruise ships is very, very doubtful for the foreseeable future. We'll find out. Maybe the inconceivable will happen. I guess dreams are for free...
  17. The west coast is in various states of disaster right now. Of course, Alaska cruises all leave from the west coast. Some other parts of the country seem out of touch with what is happening because of the virus controls here. Really out of touch. I suspect Princess Cruises is holding off decisions because they stand those hundreds of millions of dollars. Yes, frankly I am doubtful for the season because of what I am seeing in communities, that the Alaska season is savable.
  18. The Topic is: ALASKA ?????-Why are we NOT hearing from Princess!
  19. I guess we will see... You are in the middle of the prairie, I'm at ground zero. We have a different view. Regards.
  20. I hope it all works out for all. Princess Cruises to Alaska are more likely to port out of Scottsdale, AZ than Seattle or Vancouver anytime in reasonable future.
  21. A PVSA waiver, combined with Seattle and Alaska allowing ports, is utter nonsense until the "all clear" for infection free communities and ships, which is going to be many months away with some optimism. Time to get real.
  22. FYI: All 40 million residents in the state of California have been ordered to stay home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
  23. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/canada-and-u-s-poised-to-restrict-tourists-visitors-from-crossing-border-1.4857618 CTV News has confirmed a deal is imminent between the American and Canadian governments to restrict tourists and visitors from crossing the border on both sides. Shipments, trade and commerce will not be affected. A joint announcement is expected within the next 48 hours.
  24. Sorry to hear it has started in Alaska with 3 cases. Update: 52 deaths among at least 1,012 cases of the virus in Washington State. Few here today are thinking about Alaska cruises porting from Seattle anytime soon.
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