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  1. I am sorry for the confusion. It concerns the cruise leaving Fort Lauderdale on November 17. Can you adjust the heading and how do you do it?
  2. Indeed, I am Dutch. I will fly to Miami on November 15, to join the Oosterdam in Fort Lauderdale on November 17. It is a Panama Canal cruise to San Diego. I will stay on board for the cruise to Hawaii and back to San Diego. I will then join the Amsterdam for the cruise back to Fort Lauderdale and will stay on for the first two segments of the world cruise. I am waitlisted for the segment from Singapore to Cape Town. In a short period of time going through the Panama canal three times :D Really looking forward to it After that I have decided to stay in Europe. I just don't want to fly any more. No fun at all.
  3. On December 17, 2017 the whole crew of the Oosterdam has to participate in an excercise with the American Coast Guard. The earliest check in will start at 13.00 hrs for passengers on Deck 7 and Deck 8 (Rotterdam and Navigation) At 13.45 hrs check in for passengers on Deck 4 and Deck 10 (upper promenade and observation) will start. At 14.30 hrs check in for passengers on Deck 5 (verandah) will start and finally at 15.15 hrs check in for passengers on Deck 6 land Deck 1 will start ( Upper Verandh and Main. Seemingly there are not that many seats available in the terminal and I was kindly requested to stick to the mentioned time. Little bit difficult at the moment, since I have no cabin number and/or deck yet. So no lunch on the ship as well. The mail was in Dutch, otherwise I would have pasted it.
  4. Have you tried amazon.de? They have the same ones. As far as I know English translation is available.
  5. Yes, I have been in Q100. Nice cabin for just one person. It is up front, so expect movement. I am not prone to sea sickness, but if you are, this is not the best cabin to book. The cabin has a nice window and is close by a door to the upper promenade deck. Not many passengers on deck at any time. From the outside, you cannot look into the cabin, since window has special coating. Be careful at night though. I had more problems with the sound coming from the showroom at sea. The cabin is right above it! If you are an early sleaper, be prepared to hear a lot of bass, two shows most evenings. It was that loud I never had to go to the show itself to "enjoy" it. I was told HAL usually puts entertainment crew in this cabin. Filling in the questionaire, I wrote that this cabin (and surrounding ones), needed a lot more insulation. HAL responded with: we will look into it. Probably not the first time such a remark was made. Whatever cabin you choose, have a wonderful cruise. One day I would like to do it myself. Enjoy!
  6. I booked the Journey for the June 23 sailing. I got an OBC and since almost everything is included I want to use it for booking some excursions. My question is: if I book an excursion before the saildate, can I use my OBC for it, or will I be charged seperately. Hope it makes sense. First timer on Azamara:)
  7. when I was on the Rotterdam last November/December the staff in the Explorations Cafe alsways asked if I would like a paper cup or a china cup. If you go to the afternoon tea, tea will be served using china cups as well. Hope this helps as well.
  8. Thank you very much for your information. At the moment I am catching up with the roll call. Great information over there. I am going to look at the deck plans, but luckily I am not prone to sea sickness, so I might go for a guarantee. We'll see.
  9. Steve, I am looking at a cruise on the Jade from December 13 till January 3rd 2015 and it will be my first cruise with NCL. I noticed that you will be on board over the holiday period. If you don't mind can you please let me know: if the ship will have a lot of children/if it is ok for a single traveller/ with the all time dining venues, will I be able to meat other people to have dinner with/will the ship be decorated for the Christmas period and will there be a good New Years party going on. Finally, I am looking for an inside cabin and if you do know a good location, I would appreciate that information very much. Thanks very much for your help.
  10. As far I know the cabin stewards and waiters are/were paid USD 50,= a month, the rest of their income has indeed to come from tips. The bartenders are totally dependent on how many drinks are sold This is one of the reasons I stopped sailing with Star Clippers. Since 2002 I have sailed many times with them. Been on all three ships, one time for 78 days in a row. I love the crew, I like the ships, I certainly don't like the company! Another reasons is that Americans/Canadians do get far better deals than Europeans. Also the fact we cannot book outside Europe, to take advantage of special deals/lower pricing, annoys me very much. I know more cruise companies stick to this policy, but are offering more realistic cruise fares in Europe. For the price of a one week cruise, added with the single supplement (minus the past passenger discount) and the early booking discount, I can easily cruise for two or more weeks on most cruise lines and getting much better food, than with Star Clippers. In my opinion they are way overpriced for what they offer. This was not the case till about four years ago. The only reasonable price offered is for the transatlantic crossings, but they are nowadays filled to maximum capacity. From what I have heard they are also in the process of replacing the crew coming from the Philippines and Indonesia with people from India. The captains/officers are not getting paid when they are off duty and have to take out their own insurance when being at home. So it is not just the very hard working crew but also the officers/captains who are not treated very well, in my opinion. It is not my opinion only, I know for a fact that a lot of the passengers I used to sail with, have decided to take their business elsewhere. They were all seasoned travellers with a lot of SC cruises under their belt. I do miss the crew and the ships, but I don't agree with how they treat their crew and I no longer want to pay for passengers outside Europe. Just my thoughts.
  11. When I asked the HAL office in the Netherlands why Europeans were paying more than cruisers from America/Canada, the employee told me there were two reasons: 1. Since Europeans have a higher salary, they (HAL and others) can charge more 2. It was forbidden by law for Dutch to book in the States! After the call was finished I realised I have never ever heard of such a Dutch law! I really think this was just made up! Plus there are cruise lines where you can book, using travel agents and/or companies, outside the Netherlands. About the (non) drinking Americans. When I was on board the Rotterdam last December, several bartenders told me they were quite happy that the ship would go back to the Netherlands, because they knew a lot of Dutch people would board the ship. According to them, they were ordering many more drinks per person than Americans and/or Canadians usually do, so their income would be higher. There indeed was a lot of drinking going on, since the cruise covered Christmas and New Year, but have not seen any drunk people.
  12. Dear Diane and John, Thank you very much for taking me on this world cruise. I was looking for your reports first thing in the morning. I must admit I do feel sorry for myself that you will not do the whole world cruise again in 2015! Your reports will surely be missed, not only by me, but by a lot of other CC readers, I think! But I can understand your granddaughter's wish. Your detailed reports, together with John's FB page, were a joy to read and watch. Thanks again for taking the time, not to mention the expenses involved. I do hope to do a world cruise in the future and will certainly check on all your reports and tips, what to do and where. Have a wonderful time with family and friends. Can't wait till your next cruise :).
  13. Aruba, the price will be usd 49,= without the wine. The deconstructed apple pie: you get a plate with all different ingredients and you can make your own apple pie. This is what I remember from the Librije diner. My dinner partner was having the apple pie. I really enjoyed the food and the only thing I did not like was the wine choice with the dessert. A very bitter tasting red wine, the others were all whites. Well worth the usd 69,= in my opinion.
  14. Alphen, we were on the same cruise and I have received one (actually I received two, since I was on the previous cruise as well). It was on my bed. I can scan it for you, but think you have to be a little patient, since I do know my printer can scan as well, but at the moment, I have no clue how to perform such a task! If you are interested, please let me know and if you give me your e-mail address, I can send it to you.
  15. This was my first cruise with Hal, but I boarded the Rotterdam in Civitavecchia on December 11 and had already crossed the Gulf of Biscay once :cool:. We had a severe storm at that time as well and skipped Porto for Harwich. We stayed overnight in Harwich and to be honest, it was quite boring. The weather was rainy/cold/windy and you could either stay on board, go to Harwich or Colchester or take an excursion to London (very expensive). This meant a 2 1/2 hour drive to London and back for just a short visit and being the last Sunday before Christmas, for me it was a no no. So I happily stayed on the ship. In Le Havre I took the shuttle bus and had to pay € 12,= for a return ticket to the shopping mall! Way overpriced for a very short ride. I agree with the Captain's decision to stay in Le Havre, but don't understand the decision to leave Las Palmas on December 31st at all! We left at 8 pm and were in the middle of nowhere at 12 o'clock pm! No fireworks at all! We should have stayed on one of the Canary islands, which are famous for their firework displays on December 31st! :eek::) The food on the ship was good to excellent, the crew worked very hard but is understaffed. Due to my diet I had to have breakfast in the MDR and it regularly happened you had to wait for more than 30 minutes before your breakfast order arrived. The Librije dinner was very good and the other 3 times I dined in the Pinnacle were very enjoyable as well. The interior of the ship is in good order, although some windows in the dining room had cracks and one window had even water slushing between the double glazing. The sunshades and short curtains above need some attention. Several sunshades could not be opened/closed due to missing equipment. Before I went on this trip I read a lot about HAL ships on the cruise critic board and was really looking forward to the Christmas decorations. To be honest I was a little disappointed in the amount of christmas decorations around the ship. The atrium was done nicely but the Lido deck had just one small christmas tree, that was all! The food in the Lido was good and again, the staff worked very hard. The only missing item for me was that there were no small spoons for eating your soft boiled egg. You had to use a big spoon, which is bigger than the egg itself :) When we were in Funchal the World was docked next to the Rotterdam. What a big difference in appearance! The World, perfect everywhere, clean windows, fresh white paint, no rust, looked it was just brand new! The Rotterdam showed more than it's age everywhere. Rust all over the ship and railings which needed a coat of varnish desperately. I do agree with the decision of the Captain to skip Lisbon, if he had not done that, the trip would have been even more unpleasant for a lot of people (the crew as well) as it already was, especially if you look at the age group concerned and the amount of people who were using special needs equipment. Nevertheless I do think the damage control should have started earlier. The two hours of free cocktails should have been offered three days prior and in that way the negative feelings would not have spiraled so much. I do believe the communication between the officers and staff involved could have been much better. My cabin (interior on deck 1) was in good order, no problems anywhere. The cabin stewards took good care of me and were very pleasant. I must say that everywhere you went you were greated by smiling staff and they always asked how I was and wished me a pleasant day! All in all I still had a very nice cruise. Will I book another cruise out of Rotterdam? No, the reason is simple. There are way too many Dutch people on the ship. Nothing wrong with Dutch people, I am Dutch as well, but on the first part of my cruise there was a better balance between all different nationalities. Will I book with Hal again? Probably, although my heart stays with the sailing ships, but Hal's itineraries are very special indeed.
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