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  1. I appreciate all the work you and Patty put into your reviews and the disappointment of the old ones disappearing. I understand if you don't do a review but I hope you do one and know that I will follow and read it like I did your other ones.
  2. You gave Carnival $6 to use as a tax write off? Its already been said but the don't mail a check unless it's $10 or more.
  3. I hope they announce the repositioning cruises soon. My 2 week deal ends in about a week and a half. I'd like to sail on the breeze potentially.
  4. Is cheers already loaded on your card if you pre purchased it? I know the other rules but I never thought about that until now.
  5. I am going on a Western Caribbean cruise on the 22nd. It looks like Tropical Storm Issac is going straight towards Grand Cayman then will continue toward Belize and Honduras. I know Carnival will keep their passengers safe. My question is, how bad does the damage from the storm have to be to change the itenerary to another route?
  6. It was my birthday on my last cruise. I indicated it in the special occasion part of my paperwork. I got a gift card to the spa. I've never seen Carnival give cakes away.
  7. Yes you can take food to your lounger or room. Another trick would be to take some fruit or other light snack to your room for late night snacks unless you want to pay for room service or want the pizza.
  8. Thanks for the review. It was very entertaining and informative. It gave me some ideas for my cruise on the Glory.
  9. There is a popular appliance store in my town that offers a nice discount for appliances with scratches and dents. They work fine and you can't even see them sometimes because they are on the side or back of the appliance. Is Carnival going to give discounts for a ship that still has the damage from being in a wreck?
  10. They do. You get $50 obc and you can book it up to 2 weeks after you get off.
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