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  1. Don't expect too much extra room in the JS but there is a little. And the balcony helps as are the double points. Enjoy the old lady.
  2. While I believe the cert holder is supposed to be on the sailing I don't know that they would have anyway to pick up on it...in this case Royal's Crackerjack IT department/systems might benefit you!
  3. I am guessing this doesn't include if you get the unlimited dining package. At least I hope not but then again how many entrees can one eat in a sitting (with appetizers and dessert figured in)
  4. Could this actually be a problem with space for Life Boats in the muster station and just not being communicated but the TA as such?
  5. I am lucky enough to be a short Long Island Rail Road trip from broadway and never saw Cats. Cats is one show that seems to be a hard no or hard yes and NONE of my theater going friends wanted to see it and those that did see it before they knew I would go said never again. As as for Mama Mia I thought that the RCL production was better than its Broadway production! Very well done indeed.
  6. Weird I was able to book entertainment for my Symphony Cruise on 12/14 but can't book for my Anthem Cruise on 10/24. No rhyme or reason...
  7. I can not wait until December to eat there (multiple times I am guessing)...only issue is that I am at my desk getting ready for lunch and now that will be a disappointment!
  8. This is the one that my wife and I bring on board. https://www.amazon.com/Anker-10-Port-Charger-PowerPort-iPhone/dp/B00YRYS4T4/ref=asc_df_B00YRYS4T4/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312111908612&hvpos=1o37&hvnetw=g&hvrand=17275841247056425733&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9004497&hvtargid=pla-455880507506&psc=1 Works great as long as the majority of your items are charged USB which ours are. The only two items that I need to plug in (other than the hub) are my laptop and charging station for my camera batteries.
  9. We get to the port always as early as possible. We like to get on board as early as possible to get our vacation going. My wife says that she isn't vacation until she steps on the ship and they scan the SeaPass card for the first time! I go by the felling that we payed for the day so we are getting the most out of it!
  10. Good luck! When we are on Enchantment last November out of Port Canaveral our room was an oven when we boarded and wasn't cooling down. Finally after a couple of calls they got it fixed on the first day but can't imagine not having it. To the person that posted about avoiding the caribbean during the summer forget it. It can be unbearable in the winter also.
  11. When I show picture of the ships to people who aren't cruisers and are unfamiliar with the Megaships they all immediately pick out the Ultimate Abyss and when I describe it to them they all love the idea. I for one enjoy the Abyss and rode it multiple times on my HOTS sailing and am looking forward to it on Symphony. As we don't book boardwalk balconies the sight lines don't affect me.
  12. Well being that everything that we (my wife and I use) are charged via USB there are times that we can have 7 items at least plugged in. 2 phones (yes we get the WiFi, don't preach to us), 2 iPads, Earbuds for working out (yes I do), 2 Over the earphones for when we lay out at the pool. We have one that can handle 10 devices. And this is just for two of us. I can't imagine a family.
  13. Exactly! Just remember if by some chance he gets stuck in a foreign country getting back into the US will be a nightmare. While we never think it will happen it does happen from time to time. What happens if he gets sick and ends up in a hospital in the foreign country?
  14. I wonder if this was due to the Medical Evac that was posted this morning.
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