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  1. I did the zip line on our last trip to Labadee and had an absolute blast. I am afraid of heights but got through it. Is it expensive? Yes! Is it worth it IMHO? YES!
  2. Generally we get there early which means that the drop off area can be crowded with the people getting off the boat from the last cruise but we get a parking spot right near the elevator in the parking lot. We don't bring a ton of luggage with us so we usually just go right to the garage, park and bring the luggage down with us.
  3. Wow. Consider yourself lucky. GLad it worked out for you.
  4. Best bet would be to email mbayley@rccl.com. i will tell you from experience that the emails are read and in my case I got a call back from some one in Mr. Bayleys office same day.
  5. Do you mean 5:55 mark? i think that are some sort of cabanas but just my guess. Bigger question for me is how are they going to finish all of that work this year??? Great video!
  6. When we looked to book it for our cruise in December we couldn't find it listed so we just took it to be there isn't one on board this ship.
  7. 30 days is correct now (from what I have been told) to book the trip. They used to extend that out but no more. And no ship is exempt for the offers...if you want the free cruise it needs to match the sailings listed (have done Harmony on a freebie) or you can use the corresponding credit on any cruise but need to sail within 12 months (or something like that).
  8. And I thought that us American's had a corner on the market of being thick headed and only caring about ourselves. SMH. When your actions effect others comfort it doesn't become "myvaction". If you don't like the line that is queued up for a show do you say "Hey this is my vacation, I don't need to wait".
  9. Sorry but Labadee is Haiti. Yes it is well protected but none the less it is still part of the country. I have no issue stopping there and have done the Zip Line where you actually do exit the compound.
  10. Wow...I have brought my torch lighter on board for the last few cruises and didn't realize they aren't allowed.
  11. I stopped after page 1 of that tread! This at least has so humorous undertones to it.
  12. Hey this thread has 40 pages to go to catch up to the Key Thread. UGH
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