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  1. Because Iā€™m in an immense amount of pain and prefer my dark room laying down if I could get an answer here without a worthless walk, it would be worth the try.
  2. I am on board Harmony. I have chronic migraines that a treated daily so they are prevented however I am currently having a pretty bad migraine. I was almost positive I packed my zomig but it is no where to be found. Does anyone have experience with the infirmary and migraine medications?
  3. So if I book a 7 night GS Caribbean Cruise is my Non-Refundable deposit $200 ($100pp) and I get $300 OBC for that future cruise or for the current cruise?
  4. Hopefully something that blocks unhelpful comments that spam threads such as yours.
  5. I am 5'9" and 145lbs and I sleep with a 25lb one. It is recommended 8-15% of your body weight so mine is a little high but I can honestly say, I have never slept better. I recommend it to everyone now regardless of anxiety etc. Just for sleep alone it is amazing. The only time I realize it's a little heavy is when I'm trying to lay it out on me in the beginning, other than that it's perfect so 10lbs would be nothing.
  6. They do not punch them as there are wires in the middle of them although some have had success punching them on their own. Wow bands are available for purchase (I can't remember the price). I had one of the last sailing in the suite and never used it. It was easier to carry the card.
  7. I am thinking of purchasing the $2000 slot package for upcoming HOS. If I put $200 of that into a slot machine and play through the $200 but during that it goes up to lets say, $400. That does that turn into real $$ and I can cash that out? So essentially I put in $100 and keep turning it into cash?
  8. I am wanting to bring my 25lb weighted blanket with me. I just got it for Christmas and since then...I have never slept better...in my life. I just want to be sure it will not be confiscated. Thank you!
  9. If anyone has USAA, I book my insurance through them for my trips. Price is very good fine print looks good!
  10. Thank you so so much. 4 hours of driving in total...avoided!
  11. You have all been EXTREMELY helpful as always. And if my research is accurate we will not need a passport to enter any of our ports. Correct? San Juan St. Maarten Labadee Thank you!
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