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  1. I recently posted a rather extensive review of our Alaskan cruise on Solstice. The review has not been posted. Is there a customary wait period?
  2. We are crusising next week on the Solstice. We are leaving our daughter behind with friends. Is there an emergency phone number I can leave with our friends incase they need to reach us and our cells are not working? We have the internet package, so I am pretty sure our cell phones will work. However, I would feel better leaving an emergency contact number for the ship.
  3. Does anyone happen to know the cost of having laundry done on Solstice? What about having something pressed?
  4. We sail on Soltice at the end of July. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. Our upcoming Alaskan cruise is to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Considering the fact that no one, including ourselves, thought we would make it past year 4 - we are going to celebrate for sure! This will be our first trip alone in 17 years (kiddos will be left at home...Praise the Lord!) . On several past cruises, we have had to share a table with others - strangers. This was usually a good experience and gave us the opportunity to get to know fellow passengers and make new friends. RCL and Disney did an awesome job of pairing us with families that had kids the same age as ours. However, we would really like to have our dinners on this cruise alone if at all possible. From whom should I make this request? When do I inquire - prior to cruise or after we embark?
  6. We booked an Alaskan cruise for the end of July. Because we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, we chose to have all the perks, which includes a 300 cabin credit. We have arranged/purchased our excursions, and we are usually more than satisfied with the food in MDR. Is there a specialty restaurant that is best on Solstice? So..... what are some suggestions for spending this credit? Yes, I know this is a "good problem" to have.
  7. We booked an Alaskan cruise for the end of July. Because we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, we chose to have all the perks (premium drink, internet, and prepaid gratuities). However, will I still be expected to tip when I order a drink? If so, is the tip a set amount?
  8. We are taking the Alaskan cruise from Seattle on the Soltice next month (July 2019). I'm in the process of planning reservations for specialty restuarants... maybe. We have always been very happy with the food in the main dinning rooms for most of our cruises, but it is our anniversary so I was thinking we would try a few. Before making reservations, I would like to check out the menus from the main dining room - Eperney. Does anyone know where or if they are posted by the member of Cruise Critic.
  9. Thank you for the information and advice. My plan is to seek out help from the excursion desk or concierge as soon as we get on the ship.
  10. Thank you for the information! I appreciate your advice.
  11. I am waiting on an "updated email" with my group names. At that point I will try to connect with the others to see if we can find a way to reserve for those getting on the ship in Barcelona.
  12. We are on the ship with you. I was hoping we would be in the same group. I called the company this morning, and it wasn't very helpful. Let me know what you found out.
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