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  1. I'm late in reporting, but I did get on the scale on schedule, and apparently I shouldn't have been so cocky about a breakthrough last week as I'm back up .6, so I'm really feeling for those of you who also posted gains this week. But, the jeans I bought about six weeks ago can go up and down without unbuttoning them, so at least I'm redistributing the weight! Congrats to all who had losses, way to go! Hope you all enjoy what's left of your weekend!
  2. Hope everyone had a good valentine day, sounds like any indulgences weren’t too crazy, so that’s great. We’ve still got Christmas candy sitting around, so no need for more here, though I did splurge on a piece of chocolate cake. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Congrats to those who lost and maintained, but also a shout out to those who are still here posting when the scale isn’t cooperating. We all know that’s the hard part, but we also know it won’t be that way forever, so keep keeping on. I finally broke through losing the same few pounds over and over this year and had a 2.2 loss for the week. Trying to stay focused. Got a short girls’ weekend in about a month and I’d like to drop another 3.5 by then if possible. We’ll see how diligent I can be about my working out! Have a great week!
  3. Howdy ho everybody! Late checking in this week for no good reason except that I haven't been online much the past few days, which is really kind of weird for me! Congrats to all those who've lost or maintained this week! And it sounds like those who gained didn't gain much, so that's always a plus! I dropped back the 1.2 that I gained last week, so glad of that, but this cha-cha approach isn't getting me very far overall--still only down 4.5 for the year. But, my monthly measurements showed a couple of inches lost, and my jeans are getting looser, so I'm going to focus on that. Robin, sorry to hear about the hubby and I hope his new diet puts things right for him. I'm jealous of all of you cruising soon; I have to wait all the way until summer! But, that just means that much more time to drop some weight. Hope you all have a great week!
  4. Welcome back, Belle; I hope you had a great trip! Diana, Robin, melmar02, pacruise804-- Congrats! Losing or maintaining is a win! Jan & liketraveling--I'm right there with you; up 1.2 pounds this week. Hang in there, better days are ahead for us! And, Jenny, it sounds like you've got a good plan to work with, but certainly don't begrudge yourself the time with your guy, enjoy! Everyone have a great week! Cheri
  5. I think I gained 8 pounds our first cruise (12 day cruisetour) and freaked out! I’d been working hard to lose weight that year and I was devastated. Thankfully, it came back off fairly quickly. Now it’s usually about 3 pounds for a 7-10 day. I’ll admit I’m worried about our trip this summer, though. Ten day cruise but a total of three weeks European vacation—and I’m a bread/pastry lover! 🥖 🥮 🥐 😋 Obviously going to have to be mindful of my eating, but I’m also working to get into some sort of workout routine that I’ll be able to continue while away so I don’t come back big as a house!
  6. Congrats to everyone who’s had losses this week, and also to those who are sticking with it even when they haven’t. I’m down 2.5 this week, which means I’m almost back to what I was at before going away for a weekend and overindulging. (.2 pounds away) 🤦🏻‍♀️ Kind of annoying. Still, I’m down just over four since the first, even with my backsliding, so it’s progress. Also, I just signed up for Body Groove this week, and I really like it so far. If you like fun, dancey workouts, you might check it out. (Hope it’s okay to mention a specific program!) Cheri
  7. Hi, all! Just saw this listed as a featured forum, so I had to drop in and check it out. Looks like you've got a pretty good community going on here already, so I hope it's okay that I jump in the middle of it. I have about 80 pounds total to lose, but I'd like to drop 30-40 before my next cruise in July. (Technically mid-June when the vacay begins.) That seems totally doable to me, but I just got back from a short girls trip with my sister and ended up gaining back almost 3 of the 4.5 pounds I'd lost this month. 😞 I tried to keep moving while we were away, working to get my daily steps in, but I just couldn't overcome all the food! But, we had a good time and I'm not going to beat myself up about it, just have to get back in the saddle again. Looking forward to chatting with you all in our quests. --Cheri
  8. I'm not the OP, but took this voyage late Jan/early Feb, so I'll give you what info I can. 1: No bug problems for me, at all, and I'm a mosquito magnet. I had some repellant with me, but the only place I even applied it was in Limon, but I didn't see even mosquitoes there. Not sure if this varies by time of year. 2: No shots. I did check the CDC website and didn't see any recommended. 3. Didn't really notice the games, but I would say the library had a fair assortment of books, nothing spectacular. But, to be fair, I typically travel with my books on a tablet, so don't really pay much attention to the libraries other than browsing through just when wandering the ship, so my comparison is certainly skewed. 4. This was the first time I've ever spent much time in the casino; again, I usually just walked through to look around or maybe drop a couple bucks in the quarter drop machines or something. But, I'd say this casino was significantly smaller. I'm going to speculate maybe ~50 machines.
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