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  1. Unfortunately I can't help you much, however, yes, you can get a sharps container for the cruise. If you can't prearrange then talk to your cabin steward on embarkation day. Also, do you need a fridge for the insulin? You don't say what ship you'll be on, but on the R and S class ships, only the suites have fridges, so if you need one and you're in one of those cabins, you'll need to contact ship services to rent one at a cost of $2/day. Otherwise you can keep the insulin in the medical office (but they're open when they're open) or have your cabin steward bring you a bucket of ice twice a day. If you're on a Vista or newer ship however, your cabin no matter what type should have a small "fridge" in it. Hope someone can give you answers re: Club Hal.
  2. Thank you Jacqui! Soooooo close now.... Oh, the map shows the original itinerary. Still gonna be a great cruise!
  3. Yes, I used magnets on my cabin wall on Maasdam. Veendam, however, nope.
  4. I enjoy the pins and the medallions, and I have no problem with the way HAL passes out the benefits now. If you want to pay a whole bunch more for a suite, I don't begrudge you double cruise days. And if you want to buy a bunch of excursions or whatever else for spend bonus, fine by me. Maybe it's just the "days" terminology? Perhaps if they said "credits" instead of "days" that wouldn't seem so off-putting to you? I mean heck, either way, you're buying the recognition. Old system: want more recognition? buy a longer cruise. easy. *shrug* Or to look at it another way, I actually bought the 25 day and 50 day pins on Ebay for my mother and myself as a fun way to recognize our HAL cruising milestones. And my mother does enjoy wearing her pins on her key card lanyard on the ship whereas I'm content to keep my pins at home with my other cruise mementos. Different strokes...
  5. Time for me to go pack! Enjoy the views everyone!
  6. I agree. Useful since this will be me in three weeks. 🙂
  7. made it just in time to get a clear view of just Maadam and the mountains. not looking forward to tendering in Juneau.
  8. sorry, double posted for some reason
  9. too late now unless you do the one day or otherwise short trip that someone else suggested. i always know where I'm at on Mariner Status when I get on board. Know how many days I have and how many to the next level. Subtract from that the number of days of current cruise (double for suite people but that's not us). If after that calculation reaching the next level is attainable on current cruise (remember spend credit cannot exceed number of days of your cruise), then I know how much we need to spend to get there. I only needed two spend days on my last cruise to make 3* so no problem. In your situation, it would've been worth it to take a ship's excursion or otherwise spend the additional $300 during your last cruise to get that extra day to make 4*. but at least you'll be aware of this as you eventually close in on 5*. sorry. 😞
  10. Kake is an excursion on cruising Frederick Sound day. Excursion is called Alaska Native Village Cultural Celebration & Market. Costs $200 About the Excursion Situated on the northern end of Kupreanof Island, the village of Kake has a year-round population of fewer than one-thousand residents, but is characterized by a powerful Alaska Native community atmosphere. As you experience the village of Kake during this tour, you will likely witness unfiltered aspects village life -- a hunter's return after a successful seal hunt, families working together to hang their harvest of salmon in a smoke house, or a ceremonial potlatch -- many of Kake's remarkable residents continue to subsist off of the land and sea. The spiritual way in which the indigenous people here are connected to the earth and to each other is inspiring. Your adventure begins when you board an Alaska-built expedition vessel directly from the Maasdam in Frederick Sound. As the vessel's captain navigates towards Kupreanof Island, your Alaska Native host and on-board naturalist will provide compelling background and context regarding life in a remote Alaska Native village. Disembark in Kake and transfer to the site of a carving demonstration. Learn the cultural significance of totems, ocean-going canoes carved from cedars, and intricate Alaska Native art. You will see the world's tallest single-tree totem. At an astonishing 132 feet tall, this work of art is tricky to photograph. The local gymnasium is where Kake's residents gather to perform the steady beat of the drum accompanied by Tlingit song and dance, invoking powerful ancestral traditions. Local artisans and harvesters have assembled a mini craft market of Alaska Native art, jewelry and local delicacies, including halibut, salmon, seaweed, and berry jams. Shop 'til you drop; then, head back to the ship by coach and expedition boat. Notes: Tour details are subject to change based on village circumstances, such as subsistence harvest opportunities. Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  11. I don't think the Kake excursion is a zodiak excursion. I only recall seeing zodiak excursions in Ketchikan and Sitka and both have "zodiak" in the excursion title. The Kake trip is on an "expedition vessel" as is the other whale watching tour that day. I'm also on the 28 May cruise.
  12. Thanks for letting us know where our dam ships are!
  13. I'm assuming you're talking about a soda card here since you were responding to someone asking about soda. If that is the case, that's why you weren't refunded. Because you get $50 worth of soda for $25, the soda card doesn't credit any unused balance to your account. The regular beverage cards do refund unused balance to your onboard account as there is no discount involved. Curious though did you actually give them both cards for your purchase when your first card was low?; i.e. you get a soda for say $2.25, they take the 60 cents off your first card and the rest off the second. I've done this with regular beverage cards so I would assume they can do it with the soda card too.
  14. Well, you can book it with a refundable fare and refare if/when it goes down, potentially losing the perks you will have. Or you could just wait a few days and keep track of the prices and jump if/when it goes down again. Current promo ends on the 15th.
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