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  1. Thanks this has all been very helpful. We have our first experience of a Silver Spirits package this autumn. I am clear about the premium wines and the soft drinks all day but can we get gin and tonics, whiskeys, vodka and lemonades etc within it too?
  2. Hi. Thanks again everyone. Have taken some advice on here and have ordered some Clarks Waveform shoes and will get some dubbin as suggested. I already have some Sketchers, in case we get some nice dry weather. Now I only have to worry about what clothes I need to buy for this trip! Happy cruising everyone.
  3. Hi Thank you all for your helpful replies. I did try Trespass shop but they didn't have my size and there are no other shops like that near me. The cruise is actually the Viking Homelands one covering many other countries such as Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia ,.... and I remember from the Mediterranean one we did 2 years ago that we were on our feet a lot. Sounds like noone has found the need for anti-blister socks so will take some of the advice on here. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.
  4. Thanks. Really helpful. Will have a look at the Clarks website. Looking forward to it but it sounds tiring!
  5. I have a tendency to get blisters and I assume I can expect rain on this trip so would really appreciate any tips on great shoes to get which will be comfortable and waterproof. Have tried googling but there are so many that I am at a loss and realised that those that know best are those who have gone before. Please help or point me in the direction of help. Also do I need to buy a size bigger (if they are trainer typr shoes) and are anti-blister socks any good? I am in the UK which affects the make of shoes that I can buy. Thanks so much- I need to get some soon so I can get used to wearing them
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