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  1. I believe if you hit gold during the cruise they go ahead and give you your perks. My understanding on the US port situation is they're scheduled to meet about it in June, so your cruise won't be affected. Have fun!!!
  2. It's been about a year and a half since my last cruise, but we always had a health form that printed out with our documents. I sail out Sunday, so I printed out our documents last night and there was no health form. Searched all over the my booking page and couldn't find a link. Do they not require us filling that out anymore?
  3. My point was it used to be all on one page instead of having to go to two different pages to see port arrival/departure times and excursion start/end times. I can still find them, it's just less convenient than the previous page setup they were using.
  4. I made reservations and it took about a week for Sunshine to get back with me. I'm not sure Sunrise is even finished with its drydock yet, so it will probably be longer.
  5. It shows that we booked an excursion and which excursion we booked, but not the excursion times
  6. I've honestly never used the robes, but we'll have the spa robes this time so I'm kinda tempted just to see if they're more plush than the others.
  7. I saw that, but thanks. It used to show if you had booked an excursion for that port what time the excursion started and ended as well as arrival to port and leaving port.
  8. 😱 yikes!!!! Definitely not a good thing!!! Get it together Carnival!!!
  9. I hate the new format! I look up our booking on my phone, but my Aunt used her laptop today to look at it because she wanted to see what time we arrived at port and what time our excursions went til. It used to break that down for you, now it doesn't. Logged in on my phone to show her, and the mobile setup is the same as desktop. Isn't this like, the 3rd change they've made to the cruise manager page so far this year? Each time it gets a little less convenient...just saying...
  10. Great review so far! I had a regular aft balcony room on Triumph, and that is easily double the size!!! Your baby girl is so sweet!!! Keep the pics coming!!!
  11. I've only got 2 cruises under my belt, but both times we had FTTF, and both times we had no problem getting to our room, and the room was ready. Going on Sunshine next month also with FTTF, hope it's nothing like that experience!!!🤞
  12. Sailing on Sunshine next month for the first time. Can't wait for your review!
  13. It might help that we went in late August and were the only ship in port at the time, so maybe the vendors were more laid back, but I loved Cozumel!
  14. Most: Jamaica! Coming out of Dunn's River Falls I had a vendor literally push wooden necklaces in my hand then demand $5!!! Port at Ocho Rios wasn't as bad, but they were calling for us to come to their booth. Least: Grand Caymen, Progreso and Cozumel. All ports were clean, they waited for us to come to them instead of calling out to us. Much more pleasant experience than Jamaica.
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