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  1. Llamabear

    Pharmacies in Grand Turk and Amber Cove

    I'm taking my Aunt with me and she's hoping to find some kind of skincare product called Retin-A, you have to have a prescription for it here in the states but can get it without one outside the US. I started a thread asking if anyone knew where to find it in Grand Turk or Amber Cove but got no replies, so I hope we can find it somewhere! Will check Amber Cove port map for that pharmacy for sure!
  2. Llamabear

    Carnival drink menus

    The drink I "couldn't find" I was referring to was the side by side one that another poster mentioned the name of "Miami Vice", but thank you.
  3. Llamabear

    Cell phones and cash at ports

    I always put my phone in a waterproof case (its water resistant, but why chance it!) And keep my wallet and passport in a zippered pocket on the inside of my zippered beach bag, which doesn't leave my side unless I choose an excursion that has a locker rental.
  4. Llamabear

    Carnival drink menus

    Thank you! Yes!!!! Absolutely loved that one. Probably gonna be the first drink I order on my next cruise, it pairs well with Guy's burger and fries๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Llamabear

    Carnival drink menus

    Mocha chocolate getaway is hands down my favorite!!!!! I didn't see it on there, but they had a drink that was a strawberry daiquiri and pina colada side by side in a glass...soooo good. I think it was either $8.95 or $9.95. Totally worth every cent!
  6. Llamabear

    Carnival Sunshine 5 night Which night is Formal?

    Typically on a 5 day cruise it is the first sea day. Happy sailing!!
  7. Llamabear

    Sunshine - New cakes on Lido?

    Yessssss!!!! I sail in April!
  8. Llamabear

    Off ship tipping question

    I usually tip porters $5 and tour guides $5, but if the porter took your luggage all the way to the car for you, I can see tipping them more.
  9. Llamabear

    Been a few years...have an embarkation question.

    I have FTTF before checkin was available and when I did the check in, the earliest time available was also 12 - 12:30 also! Might be part of this new process? My last cruise was August 2017, and our check in time was earlier then (also booked FTTF prior to online check in)
  10. Llamabear

    Cozumel & Progreso Mexico

    Progresso you will HAVE to book an excursion to get to a beach, the pier is I think the 2nd longest in the world (I think I read that somewhere. It was crazy long...I believed it!) If I remember correctly there is a smaller beach open to the public in Cozumel not far from the port. All kinds of shopping to do in Cozumel too. If you like baking, you absolutely MUST get some Mexican vanilla! It's 150X better than the vanilla extract we buy at supermarkets.
  11. Llamabear


    Bummer. My room doesn't have it. Thanks for the link, five.๐Ÿ˜Š
  12. Llamabear

    My First Aft Balcony - what should I expect?

    You will both fit out there, that's the one advantage to an aft balcony...lots of space! There isn't a lot of breeze though, so it will get hot while you're out there. My aft balcony on Triumph also would get debris from the funnel on it daily that needed to be wiped off.
  13. Llamabear


    Hmmm... I booked a balcony on deck 8. Guess I'll have to wait and see! Lol
  14. Llamabear


    Anyone know if Sunshine has refrigerators? I've sailed Triumph and Sensation and never had one. It'd be nice to not have to bug the steward for ice several times a day for my bottled waters!
  15. Llamabear

    Just off Sunshine and here's my mini-review

    I was gonna book thermal suites for my Aunt for our cruise in April! Are you sure they aren't on the Sunshine? When I click on the link to book spa treatments from Carnival's Manage My Cruise page its listed in there...hoping there isn't an error there. She has problems with her legs and back due to her sciatic nerve and I thought that would be perfect... Also was wondering if you noticed a sewage smell I saw ppl in older reviews complaining about and the ship rocking more than usual. Sunshine was dry docked in October 2018 I believe, and I hope those issues were addressed. Thanks for all the info!