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  1. Has this opened yet? Has anyone booked it? Sailing in June and wondering if it’s worth it. We were at Cococay in December and it wasn’t open yet. I’m thinking we should book it. Any thoughts?
  2. That’s good to know. We may wait. We are losing only $300 onboard credit.
  3. Yes that is good advice. Lesson learned. Maybe we just take the time and watch for the right deal but book before Dec 4. I think that’s the day we booked; have to check paperwork.
  4. Yes we booked a definite cruise to Bermuda in May 2021 and a second decide later cruise. Had hoped to use the decide later for 2022 but to book within the 60 days. No biggie but didn’t plan it well. If they aren’t going to offer beyond April 2022 until at least this December, then we may need to figure out how to fit a third cruise in for 2021. I doubt we can do a third for 2020.
  5. That’s exactly what I’m referring to. We have to book by end of Jan to get the onboard credit. No problem booking within the year. Was trying to get the onboard credit. The standing cruise we have every March - we don’t kick ship or cruiseline. We just keep it open. Was hoping for summer 2022 but to get the OBC. Didn’t quite plan that right lol.
  6. They said something about us booking within 60 days to get the onboard credit and discount that was offered when we were on the cruise. Need to figure out how to do this. Both of us have own business so difficult to get away 3 cruises a year, and the fall is difficult altogether (Sept to Nov). Thought about B2B but looked at our one in May 2021. It arrives back May 13 and doesn’t leave again till the 18th. Different itinerary. Was hoping to do something totally different in 2022.
  7. So I tell them/my TA we want to book refundable and then we can change to a totally different cruise at a different time?
  8. Are we better to try to book a third in 2021 or just lose out on the onboard deal and wait to book? It wasn’t anything spectacular as I recall. Onboard credit and a discount. I have to look.
  9. Ugh that late? Guess we need to do something else. Already have 2 scheduled for 2020 and 2 for 2021. Thanks.
  10. Anyone know when RCCL will open up 2022 more? We booked 2 cruises while on HOTS, and one is the type in which we book later. But to get the onboard deal, we have to book by end of January. We already have a cruise we take in March every year that we have to factor in, so we’d like to look at summer 2022. Currently don’t see ability to book beyond April.
  11. Oh good to know about the roll call. I’m just excited for it because it will be our 35th wedding anniversary. For our cruise in June 2020, just have the beverage package booked so guess I should look at shore excursions. Don’t see much in onboard activities yet. Just back from Harmony so I’m still in cruise mode lol.
  12. Interesting. I can see all the info. The cruise I’m referring to is in May 2021, so was just wondering when we can book everything. There is not a roll call for this cruise yet. Was surprised the roll call for our other cruise next June has only 3 people.
  13. Thanks. Guess that’s why I haven’t been able to see any pattern. I’m probably too excited for 2021 cruise; need to figure out 2020 activities lol.
  14. How far in advance are excursions, activities, packages able to be booked? At what point before a cruise is booking these things usually available? I can’t recall but was thinking at least 6 months.
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