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  1. I was on Majesty earlier this month. I didn't love that the pool deck really combined kids and adults in one area. Generally though, it was a nice experience. There are a lot of spaces to hang out indoors and outdoors. Very nice staff. Yeah, the cabins are kind of small but if I want to do one of its itineraries, I'd consider it again. It is a nice value. Sorry to hear about the illness.
  2. The ocean is like its own destination. I tried explaining this to some friends who just aren't familiar with cruises and got told, "If you say so."
  3. I'll also need to bring an epipen as a back up. I do have an allergy that is a little bit tricky in the Caribbean. It's one of the reasons I decided to try cruising. Cruising is actually probably the easiest way for me to deal with it.
  4. Yep, saving money is never a bad thing. The cruise I'm going on is ... really cheap period, so I got a deal. Because cruising involves planning with other people, I don't know what the next will be, but I'm open-minded. In two times of doing it, I would not say either room is bad but we'll see what I say when I get back. It's "ok enough".
  5. I'd be interested in trying a bigger ship experience. My "cruising buddies" all prefer smaller ships. In my new experience, I like them because I like feeling "connected to the sea". I'd do a bigger ship to try that experience though. People I know are intimidated by the overall number of people on a ship. Me? I'd try it out. I probably wouldn't do it in the Mediterranean personally, but I'd do it on a future cruise.
  6. I don't have a lot of familiarity with the topic, but I agree that it doesn't make a lot of sense. I guess we'll see if demand for those cabins drops without the perks.
  7. I've decided I'm not doing this on this trip. I got my room assignment from GTY and while there are situations I would like better, there are also some I'd like worse. I'm not sure I'd want to risk the ship position this time around. Also, we're traveling with friends so we probably won't be heavily in the room. I'm planning to be out in the ports during the day. I don't think I'd use it enough this time around but maybe in the future.
  8. It totally varies. For my upcoming one, I seem to have gotten it last week. I've been working a lot so I haven't been following as closely. The assignment is ... ok. I like my position in the ship though not the deck. I could definitely be assigned worse. I'm under other cabins and in a decent part of the ship. This is my second time doing it. I think in next time if the price difference isn't huge, I'll pick my stateroom but I also might do this again. I'll base it all on price and how much I care on a specific cruise or based on who I am traveling with.
  9. Hey there, I'm sorry to hear about what is happening in the northern Bahamas. Hopefully things will go well for my upcoming cruise and I'll be able to do my small part for the Bahamian economy by visiting the country soon. I have a muster drill assignment for a guarantee of 011 on MOTS, does anyone know what that might indicate in terms of room assignment? Knowing that could help me decide if I'd rather chance a bet on RoyalUp. Thanks!
  10. Thanks so much for posting this review and information. I'll be on a 5 nighter coming up. I've been a little apprehensive given that the ship is older but I am looking forward to it. Like you, I think that no day traveling (including on the sea) is a bad day. While the ship definitely looks a bit dated, I still think it will be a good time. All of your pics of the ease of walking around near the ocean views are very helpful. I do think that if I go on a ship, I want to see the ocean and feel like I am out at sea. It looks like MOTS has that as do many of the smaller ships. Larger
  11. I have gotten the Royal Up email. I am in an OV GTY on Majesty. (Last time, I stayed in an interior and I'm traveling with friends). The minimums requested are: Owner's Suite: $800 pp Grand Suite: $450 pp Junior Suite: $200 pp Seems pretty cheap. (Yes, I understand those are minimum bids). Part of me is considering the JS but I'm traveling in a group and we plan to be out sight-seeing on two of the five days. Rooms are also currently not a huge deal to me. The cruise still has some empty space due to the Cuba cancellation and probably
  12. It looks like Royal Up needs to occur within 30 days of the sailing. I'm anticipating that I will be pretty busy so I don't think I will be available then for placing a bid. No evidence of a room assignment for me yet. I have friends staying on the 7th floor interior on Majesty so it's possible that I might get assigned one of those outside rooms. Our reservations aren't synched but our dining reservations are. Anything other than the bottom deck will be considered a plus by me, especially if it's more of a mid-deck assignment. Thanks, Krista
  13. I have access to the menus for my sailing on the app and I had been thinking about getting apple pie. I'm not a big fan of chocolate cakes but I like pie and fruit. It sounds like it is a good choice provided that the ice cream is at the correct temperature. I can't compare to the past but I generally have access to great food, so I'm hoping that it will be decent. Individual tastes are one thing but poor quality is an area of concern.
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