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  1. Please, if you can, post what movies that are shown on the outdoor screen. Sailing on the 27th. Thanks in advance!
  2. Just wondering if the OP, had any type of cruise insurance? I have in the past, obtained insurance that covered intinerary changes and would have been covered, if I chose to cancel. Disclaimer: I personally never had to use it :p
  3. Is it an straight talk smart phone, if it is you should be able to Wi-Fi calling. That was my experience with my husbands phone. I on the other hand have a iPhone but I wanted to experiment with my husbands phone. Edited to add that it was a TracFone but I believe it’s the same company.
  4. Port Canaveral, my bad,;p was hoping Cocoa beach in title was accurate. Was hoping if anyone familiar with that event had any input about traffic, restaurant availability, car rental, parking, beaches and such. With at least two others ship also embarking, was just wondering one's experience :D
  5. I am due to port May 20th 2018, On the Adventure of the Seas from noon till 9pm. How hectic with the port be? I am meeting family for lunch near the port.
  6. Considering purchasing this, need to know if the freestyle machines dispense flavor waters.
  7. They can be used for OBC, but must be called in/sent in before the cruise. https://www.royalcaribbeancertificates.com/
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