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  1. Hi, we also ended up canceling our Harmony out of Port Canaveral 9/1 and we used our travel funds from the airfare and we are in Seattle! We flew up from Phoenix this morning and have had a great day! Still a little sad about the cruise, but happy not to be in all that mess and just hope everyone is safe.
  2. Sorry for the late response. I had to take a break from Dorian cause I was beyond upset, but then I put it into perspective that this is just a cruise that I can and will go on again, but there are those that do not even know if they will have a home in a few days. Dorian won this time, but she won’t ruin my families vacation! We are all booked and leave for Seattle in the early morning for the rest of the week. For everyone going to or in Florida please be safe. Last question, does anyone know how the credits work?
  3. On the phone waiting for Royal right now. Does anyone know how this will work if you cancel? It says get the refund 9/20 does that mean I have to wait until 9/20 to book my next cruise? Plus, I paid with their new finance program UPLift so do I just keep paying for a cruise I’m not going on? And looks like no credit discount for future cruises either if you cancel just a credit for the cruise fare only? Now what if we go and cannot get on the ship 9/4 due to damage then is it again just a 100% fare credit after you spent all that extra money to be there and wait for them to go? Sorry I’m just
  4. RCCL has posted that they will have final itinerary’s for all ships coming up. They posted a picture showing the storm going south and not getting here until Monday PM and said they would be sending out communication tonight. It said it would confirm if alternate ports were needed and final itinerary. Not sure to take this early on decision probably meaning a cancel or maybe cause of the slow down it means they think the ships can get out Sunday. Holding my breath!
  5. Hurricane newbie here, but I’m thinking since Friday and Saturday cruises are still going with the thought Dorian would be here Sunday/ Monday and now she’s stalling for more of a Monday/Tuesday landfall isn’t it possible the Sunday cruises will still go as scheduled? Or am I being too overly positive? And thanks PelicanBill. I will monitor any evacuation notices and if there are none go to CoCoa Beach and have a plan B for a hotel way more inland.
  6. Thank you all, I have written down all your advice and this is my new plan. Please please correct me if anything looks like not a good idea. We fly in Friday and are going to stay in cocoa beach Friday and Saturday while we wait for more updated storm paths. Sunday or possibly Saturday night we will be moving to a northwest hotel (any city suggestions?) now of course this is based on them having not evacuated cocoa beach before we get there Friday. If that happens we will just go directly to the north west city hotel. We will have a rental car so if the hotel that is northwest looks to po
  7. We are coming in Friday, staying in Cocoa Beach until Sunday and then if the hurricane is coming towards us we are going to move inland before the bridges close to the island. We will either be hopefully on Harmony sometime next week, or we are headed to say hello to Mickey Mouse for the rest of our vacation.
  8. Safe travels! And nope no insurance. I know not the smartest of ideas to cruise in hurricane season with no insurance. You live and you learn. I talked to someone at our hotel in Cocoa Beach tonight and she made me feel a lot better. She basically said they are used to hurricanes and they are already preparing for it and that the storm hits, does make some devastation, but really only to where it hits and then moves on. She said a CAT 3 to them is no big deal and that the news really hyped it up. She called it “ just a really bad storm”. Of course, I think the storm we are getting here in Chan
  9. Thank you so much for the info I have been lost! So 2 days before probably puts us at having a relatively good idea where it will hit sometime late Friday into early Saturday. Sadly I will already be in Orlando by then. I’m your honest opinion (of course won’t hold you to it) do you think it’s going to make a direct impact on PC? Also what chance do you think there is of RCCL cancelling Friday or Saturday? Hate to fly all the way there to be told not going, but want to be there just in case. I really appreciate all the help I am getting on here.
  10. Hi, do you think it would still be able to open quickly if it is a direct impact? We are planned to sail Harmony out of PC 9/1. Pretty much certain that sailing Sunday is not going to happen, but I wonder about the rest of the week. Sounds crazy to think I’m going to be flying to a state Friday that has been declared a state of emergency.
  11. We are flying from Phoenix, AZ to Orlando, FL Friday and have reservations at the LaQuinta in CoCoa Beach. We are booked for Harmony 9/1 out of Port Canaveral. RCCL has given us no clarity on them canceling at this time so still not sure what I’m going to do. I will go ahead and make reservations at a hotel near the airport in case. Thanks so much!
  12. Having never been in any kind of major storm (I live in Arizona) can I ask any of you that have to help me. I’m not only worried about my cruise anymore I’m more worried about taking my kids to a place that has a CAT 3 Hurricane on its way. Have a hotel at cocoa beach should we move more inland? What do you do?
  13. Would love to give you a B2B, but maybe next time 😊 Safe travels! Please bring her back Sunday if at all safe to do so.
  14. Sailing 9/1 on Harmony hopefully and at this point have no clue what is going to happen. Looks like everything from storm goes more east and north and Harmony could get in and out ahead of it Sunday, to possible delay and then the sad reality of possible cancel all together. Hoping for any updates soon.
  15. Thank you, so looks like best case scenario possibly we leave Tuesday as long as it does not damage Port Canaveral? I know others were thinking possible if Dorian continues to move more north and timing goes out further for landfall that Harmony could maybe get into port Sunday and back out ahead of the storm, but seems to me that’s asking Harmony to cruise towards a hurricane which doesn’t sound safe or possible to me since they would have to head south again towards the storm. But in the end most important is I hope everyone is safe.
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