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  1. IF anyone has recent Fun Times Newsletters (delivered each day) from Carnival Dream can you please upload them? Thanks!
  2. You can also buy them with points if you are an Allstate member. $500 for $450.
  3. So we have friends that want to join us on our next cruise. We would like to have cabins next door to each other so we can open the partition on the balcony. If there is not one available next door to us currently can we switch rooms to one that is?
  4. You guys are the best! Thanks so much!
  5. So you are saying that although they post the prices of the 4 day package that I'll only pay for 3 days not 4?
  6. So I am planning on buying the cheers package. However, it seems if Carnival leaves from a TX port then your Cheers card will not be activated until 6:00 am on day 2. Now on a 4 day cruise they are charging for 4 full days, but I'm not getting 4 days. I will only be getting 3 days. Am I missing something here? Help me to understand this logic please and thank you. https://www.carnival.com/help/1106 For those guests who pre-purchase CHEERS!, it will be activated upon boarding the ship (except for ships sailing from Texas and New York). Guests will receive a note in their stateroom advising them to go the bar to receive their sticker which is placed on their Sail & Sign card. In the event guests do not go to their stateroom, once the Sail & Sign card is swiped, it is flagged and the bartender will provide the sticker. For ships sailing from Texas and New York, CHEERS! will be activated at 6:00am on the second day of the cruise.
  7. That's the parameters around when our CEO can take the winners. It's a small window and yes the Cruise lines have recalled the cabins already so I will just have to wait until the contest ends Oct 1 to book. Thanks everyone!!!
  8. So we are doing this contest at work and 4 people plus spouses will get to go on a cruise in November. We won't have their names till after the contest on Oct. 1st. Can we book without knowing names with a travel agent? The middle of September would be when final payment is due I know and we are willing to pay for the rooms now but no names.... Whatcha think? Am I going to have to wait until the contest is over and take whatever rates are happening at that time?:(:(
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