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  1. we are on the Caribbean princess next week and just read there is a private sun deck. I know there is a charge, but can anyone tell me how much it is
  2. Hi not sure if I have the right page but I only want to know if there is ship with balcony's only, Im sure I have read somewhere that there is, this will put and end to a debate we have been having Thanks
  3. I wish I could watch, but we are wales, and have not got it aaahhhh
  4. Hi all we are on the Serenade for the first time next week, and I have read all had a good time, but can you tell me if there are tea making facilities on board or should I take my travel kettle with me, cannot do with out my cup of tea first thing in the morning Thanks
  5. In 8 days time we will be on the Serenade ots can anyone tell meif they have a kettle /tea/coffee I know its an American ship but I heard they may have them when they sail over here
  6. gave postcards in at reception on board ship 22 june they were received by friends and relatives August 13th this is the 2nd year this has happened, so in future I will bring them home and post the from here as my sister has done cheaper and only 3 days to get there
  7. Any idea when the Liverpool terminal will be open to accept embarkation and do they know which cruise lines will operate from there The sooner the better for many I think
  8. may be flying to the states to pick up cruise and we where looking at flying premium economy class, (virgin) has anyone done this and it worth the extra money
  9. we are in the canaries in june and just seen the trip's we can take we fancy the "Tea at Reids Hotel" but £50 pp seems a lot for that, has anyone done this and can tell me if its worth it
  10. whats the nearest hotel to manchester airport for an easy 5am getaway do they have a free shuttle bus to terminsl
  11. Hi we have only sailed with p&o and rci, and where wondering about the HAL ships , are they on a par with p&o and rci, or better all opinions would be greatfuly receiced
  12. Thanks Krazy Kruizer and John Bull I knew I would get an answer Im sure it wil be what I wantand by the way I am from Wales
  13. I have looked on the " cruise ship deck plan " site for P&O ships, but they dont seem to have any P&O on that site at all, Is there another site where I may find them
  14. If I want a question answered on cruising or holidaysI know i can come to this site but I am looking for a site to answer general question for example " Returning a jumper, but shop wont give money back only credit note, do I have to accept it" or "Where can I buy a certain article " or "does anyone know how to get rid of a stain on my jacket" just general question not hoilday ones
  15. Hi does anyone know of another site like cruise critic only the questions would be more general, nothing to do with holidays at all Thanks
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