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  1. On the day and time you can sign up for your excursions sign up for certain meet and greets that are very popular and they need a free ticket advance registration. For the Wonder they were Frozen meet and greet (Anna and Elsa) and Princess Gathering (a group of three or four princesses that vary). Also depending on your length of cruise there may be a free Disney Junior breakfast that you sign up for to be able to attend - which is fun. For most of the character greetings you find the place and time in the daily schedule (Navigator) Download the DCL app! It has a cute countdown clock and tells you when you are on the ship the daily schedule of fun things to do. They will probably love the kids club - on the first day everyone can tour it - its really cute to look at. On Disney the entertainment is amazing - don't miss the shows - currently they have Frozen and other Broadway caliber shows on the Wonder. Have a wonderful time - I love Disney Cruise Line and have sailed on three other cruise lines but for me - when we are with our grandchildren Disney is the best!
  2. I would call DCL to ask them. I know that when I made my reservation I asked that the balcony dividers be removable and they told me they were for the verandah on the right side but not the left side. On the Fantasy we did have verandahs that adjoined and we were able to remove the dividers. It just depends on the rooms.
  3. I have been on two Disney cruises and have two more booked. Facebook is where the group is - search your date and ship on Facebook and I am sure you will find an active group.
  4. I put in a bid - now crossing my fingers I get a balcony. I bid more than minimum - into the fair zone - we will see..... Thanks for you advise!
  5. In my opinion having AP for Pirate night is great - they have pictures of pirate ships in Peter Pan, etc. on all the screens and it was wonderful. I was on a 7 night and we still got the normal shows at AP plus the bonus of having all the pictures around of Disney Pirates.
  6. First time NCL cruiser. We have a mid inside cabin on 14 day Panama Canal cruise on the Star. I have enjoyed every cabin cruised in on 4 cruises - one aft balcony cabin did vibrate from engines a lot and it was bothersome but still had a great cruise. We just got an offer to upgrade to a balcony for 75$ pp. We have no issues with sea sickness. Is it 'worth' losing midship location for any balcony we could be assigned? I know a balcony is better than inside but I really appreciate your thoughts on any insight you can give us- and tips on what would be a winning bid? My research shows a lot of open mid ship balconies ( which I know I might not get) -thanks so much!
  7. Our family includes two vegans - anyone have experience cruising on the NCL Star and the vegan dining options? Were they accommodating? Any tips? Thanks!:D
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