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  1. And you'll have much more fun than you did in Destin. Though I do miss the Emerald coast.:(
  2. Boozebabe, I am with you on this one. I book my room purely off the size as well as the sweet balcony. I could care less about the VIP boarding. Carnival needs to look at using the machines that hotels do that imprint the card in a jiffy so their staff will not have to walk back and forth to collect S&S cards. It would definately improve the flow. People, stop acting like you are special because you paid a little more or have Platinum status. Who gives a chit.
  3. I would say the Legend would be the way to go. I took the Miracle, sister ship, out of Tampa as well and the whole trip from start to finish was fantastic. The Tampa port has it together and you just cannot beat a Spirit class ship. Have fun!
  4. I just looked at several sailings thru March and the prices are the lowest I have seen on any Spirit class ship. And it is not just insides. Check out the balconies for lower than $500. Now that is one great value.:)
  5. I know on deck 5 that they were in the very back of the ship near the aft wraps. Hope this helps.
  6. Your ignorance of the situation at hand leads you to believe that you were lied to? Come on crew chief, show some freakin compassion for the person in need. Being an aircraft mechanc and understanding how often aircraft fly with disabled systems I am truly surprised by your comments.
  7. I had a wrap on deck 5 of the Miracle and had no issue with the room. The balcony is huge and the room is of decent size. Anyone care to elaborate why deck 5 is inferior to the other decks? I personally wouldn't want deck 4 just due to the overhang from deck 5. I need sun and the overhang blocks most of it.
  8. You will see armed guards but do not worry. I approached a pair to take a picture at my beach club (Pez Quadro) and they were quite nice. Do not worry a bit.
  9. I had a great time with Yhony on my trip. Be careful at the restrooms at the cave tubing site. The floor is a slick tile and my poor wife busted some serious tail on the way in. Yhony ran over to make sure she was all right, as she was with the exception of her pride. You can leave any valuebles in his bus/van and all will be good. I can seriously say that the only way you could not have fun is if you are a square individual. This guy has yet to grow up and made this the best excursion that I have ever been on. I look forward to repeating the trip in the near future. If everyone in your group has a good sense of urgency you will have time to hit 2-3 caves as well as time to stop and get a yummy lunch at Cheers(restaurant) on the way back. Do not hesitate to book this with Yhony. It was seriously a great value. I loved Belize so much that I am driving down from Mexico later this year to spend a few days there. Enjoy!;)
  10. I haven't been on this particular excursion. However, I used Yhony in Nov 05 and had a blast cave tubing with him. He has a great energy level and was a riot to be with all day. I am going back this November and will definately use him again.:)
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