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  1. Curious: for those of you on a cruise, or were on one recently, how full/empty are the ships? We go on Vista in a week, so I’m wondering how things are with numbers.
  2. It's a section on the Vista class ships that has an exclusive pool area that can only be used by guests staying in those types of rooms. It's amazing.
  3. Exciting! Thank you! Do you have any idea what time Galveston opens?
  4. We had to pick our appointment arrival time, but we are priority boarding. If I'm reading things correctly, it doesn't matter what the time says, as long as we're priority check-in, we can show up anytime we please, correct? For example, our check-in time is 12:30-1:00, but we could show up any time before this, even 10:00?
  5. Are the drinks free for the whole trip in the casino? Is there a limit, or is it just as long as you’re playing?
  6. We got a premier cruise coming up, but havdnt had one before and it said one perk is priority check in. What line would we go to for embarkation? FTTF? The Diamond/Platinum line? Also, it said free drinks when gambling. Is that unlimited? TIA.
  7. I have a shy 12 y.o. and a 9 y.o. The 12 y.o. only wants to be with her sister at the kids club. I know RC is lenient on allowing them to be together outside of their age groups, is Carnival? We’re on the Vista in March.
  8. I just read a review about how Horizon has those smart elevators. Does Vista have that, too? Can anyone answer now, or could you let me know when you board, @bnbeyer?
  9. Excited for you! We’re going on Vista in March and we love to gamble, so I’m living through you! 😂😂
  10. Great review! We’re on Vista in March, but we did this same itinerary in 2018, so I’m curious what you think of all the ports.
  11. Have a wonderful time! We’re on her for an Eastern for spring break, love to see how you like it and Coco cay.
  12. For our cruise it’s $93.99 pp. Is that normal? Is there a chance it’ll lower?
  13. To answer your question above @5thgirl, it’s a free pool built for cruise guests to use. Costa Maya really was built with cruisers in mind. If you’ve ever sailed Carnival, they have a similar set up at Grand Turk.
  14. When I book it online, it’ll only let me put one name, not all four of us. Will that be ok to do if it’s just under my name?
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