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  1. Hello all-to circle back on this topic we never heard back before the cruise, even though I emailed asking for an update the day or two before. As soon as we boarded, I went to Guest Relations and they seemed perplexed. The agent kept saying "you either win the bid or you don't", right, that's why this was unusual. I even showed her the email to prove what I received. (I was a little annoyed with this because I felt like she thought I was lying about it.) She just kind of shrugged and said she never heard of that and if I had been upgraded I would have heard before the cruise. Of course, I understood that the bid would/should have been won or not accepted. Celebrity should have just kept with that wording instead of what I and several others received.
  2. If we get upgraded, even though we paid for it, it might just be the hook I need to get my husband fully invested in cruising! haha
  3. Actually I'm on the June 26th out of St Maarten-maybe your port is different. Still I'm dying to know what the email is about.
  4. Ha ha JINX I just posted the same message for the same cruise on the same subject!
  5. Hi all-only have cruised a few times, and have never tried a move up bid. We are on the June 26 cruise out of St Maarten in a verandah and received the email saying we could bid on a move up cabin. The minimum bids weren't great, but I did end up bidding on the Family Verandah. Today I got an email saying that they were not able to "confirm my upgrade" to a FV, but have sent my request and bid to the onboard crew for review. They say they will see what last minute cabins become available. Does anyone know what this might mean? I've only seen that usually bids are accepted or denied. I know this cruise is at a very low capacity (we were told no more than 50% but someone on the ship this week said that they were told only around 380 passengers are booked for next week). Could I still get an FV or is that not very likely at this point? As always, thanks for your experience!
  6. Oh gosh now I’m worried. We’re on the Millennium next Saturday and I booked flights through Celebrity day of thinking the 10pm sail time would be okay. Our first flight leaves DC to Charlotte at 6am then we’re supposed to be in St Maarten at 1:20pm. If it’s a Celebrity air booking and flight out of Charlotte is delayed causing us to miss the cruise, what happens?
  7. Being exposed to someone in a grocery store is vastly different than on a ship. I believe the concern isn’t that vaccinated people will get sick from Covid. It’s the fear that a ship with Covid positive travelers (vaccinated or not) could infect people on islands still struggling to get the virus under control and/or overwhelm the medical staff on ship. Plus the concern that the ship won’t be allowed to disembark really sick passengers makes it everyone’s problem whether you’re vaccinated or not.
  8. . . . Or enough of a deterrent to the ignorant anti-vaxxers. But hopefully they’ll start getting turned away at port once the ship check in hits 5% and maybe they’ll start to wonder if it’s worth it. Personally I’m mad my vaccine didn’t make me magnetic or whatever else the stupid conspiracy theory they have going this week.
  9. Interesting- I find it much more desirable to fly into another place I've never been than to Florida honestly. And the flight add on was about $500 cheaper than booking on my own. There's no direct flights to St Maarten, but I'm ok with that to avoid Florida.
  10. When the pandemic hit, my husband and I both said we would never cruise again. (We've only been on a few, but enjoyed them all) Fast forward a year and we are fully vaccinated, and very encouraged by Celebrity offering fully vaxxed cruises. Honestly knowing that all crew and passengers are vaccinated is the only way I would cruise again. Like so many people, we're desperate to relax and see the ocean again, so are looking at two cruises (one with just us, the next with our older kids, also fully vaccinated) for this summer! Thank goodness for science and medicine!
  11. I am so glad I kept this thread in my pinned column for responses! It's been really nice to read this thread again, and also hear that I'm not the only one with kid who are soo focused on phones/laptops, etc, until we all go on vacation. My kids are now 23, 21 and 18, but they still all love to vacation together with us. Someday that will change. We are cruise newbies, having only been on three, and just one with the kids, but I am also interested to see what cruising looks like in the coming years.
  12. I live in Washington DC and we're entering another "open" stage today. I've had two friends' parents die from COVID-one in a nursing home, one in her condo living along in DC, and one close neighbor die from it too. We've been strict about staying in since March 13, ordering groceries and take out, only leaving for a daily walk to the Capitol for exercise and walking our dogs around the block. I'm pretty nervous about the opening up, because I see a lot of people now not wearing masks, going out to eat at restaurants on the sidewalks, and not wearing masks. It's pretty crowded, and not safe IMO. I will note that I've had two doctors appointments and they are calling the day before with questions about symptoms, and take temps when you arrive in the office. Office buildings are only letting two people on an elevator at a time, and have spaced out places to wait for the next one. Regarding the protests, we've been to a couple and wore masks, and stayed back outside the main crowd. Most of the protestors I've seen are wearing masks. I felt it was more important to show solidarity with the cause than to stay inside, so that is a choice we made as a family. I'm making appointments now for all of us to get tested this week, just to be on the safe side. I've always been more afraid of overwhelming our crappy health care system (Italy has way more hospital beds than we do) than I am of dying from COVID. At this point, with our country barreling ahead into full openings, I hope we have carved out a little time and space to save our health care workers, but I am not so sure. It's sad.
  13. Very early on in this pandemic, I read a tip to fill a gallon container with hot water and a 1/4 c (or even less) bleach and throw a few clean rags in. I've been using the rags to wipe down door knobs, light switches, counters, etc. After one wipedown, I rinse out the rag in hot water, and then plop it back in to the bleach/water mix. Its saved me a ton of wipes. At the end of the day, I dump out the water, rinse the container and set my rags outside to dry overnight. Works great, and a gallon of bleach lasts a looong time.
  14. Excellent article about Vikings intention to start cruising on the Mississippi in the coming years. I also never knew why more upscale lines were staying away from US - now I know it’s because of the requirement that ships be US made and staffed. Very interesting. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2020/04/06/viking-bets-on-new-smaller-us-river-cruises-to-help-them-survive-amid-coronavirus-woes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I did read reviews that while this cabin is below the OVC, its in the carpeted area, not the buffet set up area and was very quiet. Several people said they would absolutely book it again. Now I'm wondering about the overhang and if it will feel too closed in.
  16. Yes, I've checked them out and there's info on 2112, and similar ones for the other cabin so it's helpful. I think I'm going to try and call.
  17. Question for the pros: We have Concierge Cabin 1299 for our July cruise, and I can see that there is another concierge cabin available at the very end of the panorama deck, 9366, which has a slanted balcony which looks bigger than the others. There's another cabin on the pool deck 2112 also available, which has a slanted balcony, but balcony doesn't seem bigger. Is it worth it to call and see if I can switch? Also it seems that the cabins around our current assigned cabin are also still available, is there an issue with that area? Thanks for any advice or info!
  18. With all the complaints about pig decor, missing footstools and new bedside tables in the Equinox revolution thread, I thought I would share this for a little perspective on how cruising for pleasure got started. This is a fun and very interesting episode from my favorite podcast. https://www.missedinhistory.com/podcasts/transatlantic-cruising-before-the-titanic.htm
  19. From what I can gather on the Facebook page, concierge and Aqua class cabins received new carpeting and sofa reupholstered too. The reds are all gone from those cabins. Regular balcony cabins didn't get carpet or the sofa change. according to reports, regular balconies did get new bedding (including mattresses), artwork and drapes.
  20. Thanks! Yes, I think if I had lost the OBC or not qualified for the additional, I wouldn't have gone for it. We don't really care where the cabin is. I prefer being at the far end of the hallway though so I can walk off all my cruise calories!
  21. Oh good to know-on our other cruise we did have to check out every bar to see what their selection was. Some had some really great ones, and even an exceptional rye, which he doesn't usually like, so it was fun to try different ones.
  22. I went ahead and upgraded from a 2B balcony to a Concierge class GTY with four perks (premium beverage) which was only a couple hundred more than I paid originally for three perks (classic bev). I got to keep my original $300 OBC plus got the additional $200 OBC for this weekend's promotion. I'm pretty excited about this upgrade and very excited to try Celebrity. I really want my husband to relax and enjoy this cruise, and it seems like Concierge (while not Aqua for a special restaurant) will be a good start. He's a high end bourbon drinker, so I knew we'd have to spend more each time for his preferred drink. This sale ends tomorrow, so wanted to put the word out for any people to check their bookings. Also, any tips on Concierge class benefits? Send 'em my way!
  23. Work got crazy and I missed this most recent excursion sale prices. Does anyone know if there might be another before our cruise in late July? (Equinox)
  24. I know I saw pics/renderings of the potentially (?) refreshed cabins for Equinox, and I am wondering if all cabins will get the new bedding, carpet, furniture? Or if it's just the suites that are getting any update. Can anyone repost the photos? We're in a balcony cabin next to the hump in July. Thanks for any info!
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