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  1. I would try for a minisuite! They are the most comfortable and have enough room to spread out on a long cruise. We loved the extra space.
  2. Thank you so much. I checked and my dining has not been added yet. Only cabin and cruise number. I will keep checking. Andrea
  3. Thank you all for your help. I have been able to link the reservations. I just don't know if we will end up with a table for 6 or if there will be more people. I will call my TA and request a table for six once again. Andrea
  4. Hello, We are boarding with our adult kids and their spouses and want to know how we can confirm we are seated together other than waiting to check in our rooms. Is it possible it will be on one of the medallion websites ahead of time? I am asking because originally they did not link our reservations and I am concerned we will be at different tables. Thanks for any help. Andrea
  5. Can you pre book the reservations for BOGO or do you have to wait until you board and get your coupon book from your cabin first. Thanks, Andrea
  6. Is there parking if you arrive at 2pm? It looks like there will be two ships in Port on the day of our embarkation. I really don't like crowds so I often wait to board until later. If parking will be limited we may just take Uber or Lyft.
  7. We have been on both cruise lines. When traveling with younger kids or teens they really preferred Princess as it is more active and there are more things to do for their age group. Celebrity is a little bit older crowd, which I like as I am now older. Princess has a nice mini suite that you can separate the room with a curtain so someone can watch TV or relax without disturbing the other person in the cabin. It is a bit bigger than the standard Celebrity cabins. I think you and your family will be very happy with the new Sky princess! Andrea
  8. Thanks Cruise Raider, will buy on board!
  9. Hello Cruise Raider, We will be on the Royal Princess in November for one week and I can not find out how to order the gold wine package for the 7day trip. Did you buy it online before you left or is it available once you get on board. I was thinking of calling Princess and asking. Thanks for any help. Andrea
  10. We will be on the Royal Princess for one week in November. Do you know if they have the gold wine package for one week cruises? Also does the 7 bottle price include the 18% fee or do they charge that on the bottle you select? That seems sort of strange but just wondering. Or, do they charge $217 plus 18% tax when you buy it? If the wine package is available for purchase for our cruise can you buy it in advance or do you buy it once on board. Do you tell the waiter you have the wine package and pick a bottle each night? Also if they bottle cost is above $45 can you pay the difference or do you have to buy it outside the package? So many questions but maybe someone knows the answers. Thank you, Andrea
  11. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I just read the promotion completely and saw it was for bookings in 2020-21. We would not qualify as your said. I will keep looking but we did get a very good deal and Princess was generous enough to refund some money once already! Andrea
  12. Hello, What if you are already booked and have made final payment. Will the agent refare it or will we not be eligible for the new fare? Our cruise is 63 days from now. We already got a price reduction once, as it went down in price the day before the deposit was due to Princess. Thanks for any feedback. Andrea
  13. It seems like the coffee package is a good deal if you like double or triple shots in your drinks. Otherwise it would be around $5.00? My husband and I will share a card. We love going to the IC for breakfast and coffee.
  14. Thanks Ceilidh1. I am not sure if I have been on with Matt O before. We were on the Regal in 2015 and though the CD was amazing! I am excited that he will be on for our November cruise. Andrea
  15. Hi, Thanks for the ongoing review. Do you know if Matt O will be on the ship Nov 16th to the 23rd.? We have booked a cruise to Mexico on the Royal. Andrea
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