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  1. I would pick the Radiance as well .Not only would you get two more days at sea, but you would avoid Portofino, which is so touristy and expensive. There is a free bus from the ship to the city in Marseilles, so you could do a cheap day there, or book a day trip to Avignon. Palma is also very pretty, and Palermo offers a lot of interesting excursions. Plus, the Radiance is newer and will likely be cleaner and have more bells and whistles. Hope you make the change!
  2. Both of my experiences with embarkation in NYC have been favorable, both went very fast. You shouldn't have a problem. I think certain times, like between 12:30-1:30, it can get a little packed, but just try and get there a little early and you'll be good.
  3. Hello, First off, I want to say I'm sorry for asking a question that I feel like is asked all of the time with Cozumel, and it's "where should I go for a cheap beach day?" There will be four of us, two adults and two 19 year olds, so we want a nice place to go and relax before our two full days in Havana. The beach club doesn't need to have a pool, but it would be nice, or showers as an alternative would be nice. In your recommendation, can you put the approximate taxi cost each way (we'll all share one), as well as how much a chair rental and/or enough food/drink would cost? (I know some allow you to use the chairs and pools and such for free as long as you buy a certain amount of food/drink from the bar). We are trying to save money (to splurge in Havana), so please don't recommend anything that would come out to over $40 per person please. The cheaper, the better :) Thank you so much in advance to anyone that can help us, we are VERY excited for this trip, and it is very needed :D
  4. How much would a taxi run us each way? There are 4 of us, and only 2 of us will likely need beach chairs, the other 2 will likely be fine on towels in the sand. And do lots of the clubs have entrance fees, or do they just want you to purchase a chair or lunch/drinks? Any club suggestions? Sorry for bombarding you with questions! :)
  5. Hello, Next month, we will be docked in Coxen Hole in Roatan from Noon to 6PM on the MSC Armonia. I am looking for a way to spend my day. This trip, I am planning to splurge on our two days in Havana, which means I am looking for something cheap to do while docked in Roatan. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have ever been on a catamaran and I am looking to try one this trip, can someone suggest a company that has some cheap tours? If there's nothing very cheap offered by a tour company? Would a beach trip be worth it? I can't see being ata beach for only a few hours when I could just do the same in Cozumel or Costa Maya for the same price for 3 more hours. What is there to do in the vicinity of the port? Any beaches I could walk to? Sorry for having so many questions, I have only been to Mahogany Bay in Roatan, so I do not know what to expect. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me!
  6. I also think it's strange, but given they are doing weeklong cruises from other markets, it kind of makes more sense. They can probably rack up more money sending the ships to Europe or Alaska.
  7. Yes, and I encourage it. Bring one for every person, refill them either with your cabin sink or with cups at the MDR. Very helpful for hot days in port!
  8. I have been on the Seaview, and unless they have a different policy on the American cruises (I cruised through Europe), there is a charge for the zipline.
  9. Rereading your review and I have a strange question ... Are there lots of wifi spots in Havana? I assume there are very few free spots, as with most places, but in the coffee shops, stores and restaurants, are there some hotspots one could access if they purchase an item? I've heard mixed reviews and I know I would like to check up on things since I know I won't purchase an internet package onboard. Thank you!
  10. Here is where I stayed in Sanur: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/20778126?guests=1&adults=1 I highly recommend where I stayed! It was in a great location, with a beach 15 minutes walking distance away, as well as a convenience store and many little restaurants just down the way, plus a really good driver that would take us wherever we wanted to go for cheap. I would even sggest staying for three-four nights here, as you can visit some of the nicer places in South Bali (mostly the beaches), and return home to a nice Airbnb with a refreshing pool. If you're traveling with a group, this place is great because it's actually a mirrored house, so you have two separate bedrooms and bathrooms (I thought there was only one bathroom, but I was happy to find two). I am with you there -- I LOVE searching for hotels, flights and cruises, so much so that my friends and family have me find prices and itineraries for them! I completely understand. I will say, though, Bali has the best diversity of Airbnb of any place I've ever traveled to, of which I mean there really is everything you could think of listed somewhere on Airbnb on the island. You can surely find an affordable accomodation that is just as nice as any hotel, so much so you could likely add on more days to your trip or more excursions. Let me know if I can provide my Ubud villa (which I found on Airbnb even though it's really a hotel) or some activity suggestions!
  11. I'd be curious to see what they'd replace the two days in Havana with. I'm on the 7 night to Roatan, Costa Maya and Cozumel with two days in Havana, so maybe they'll add Belize and a sea day, or Grand Cayman and a sea day, or maybe Key West? I will be very disappointed if Cuba is cancelled, as I did book the cruise solely because it was going to Havana, but it is to celebrate my graduation with a friend. I know I would take about any cruise at this point in time as I study for finals, so it will be nice to get away and relax regardless. It'll just be a bummer if Cuba isn't included!
  12. We are considering a cruise on the Costa Fortuna that docks in Port Klang, and we would definitely like to get over to Kuala Lumpur. We would like to see the towers and the Batu caves, of course, but we would also like to see the different neighborhoods of the city, the parts that aren't massive high-rises, and what's left before modernization. Many of the excursions the cruise line offers either just visits the main attractions, or is extremely expensive. I figured I would ask on here if anyone knows of a company or group that we could get an affordable day tour of Kuala Lumpur from! It's just two of us by the way, no need for a massive van. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help!
  13. Hello fellow Marylander - I'm from Annapolis! I spent two weeks in Bali this past August. I did not get "Bali Belly" at all, and I even ate fresh fruit from the grocery store. I was careful not to drink the water though. I cannot answer about the drivers, as we did one week at an Airbnb in Sanur and another at a small hotel in Ubud, and each provided a transportation service that we paid for to get around. We did not pay for lodging or food for any driver that we had, though, we just paid them for their services. No visa either, you get 30 days free! It will be in your passport on the stamp that they give you. And I cannot attest to Hong Kong, when we did it, we had an 11 hour layover in Singapore, so we left the airport and toured the city. We are thinking of doing a cruise from Singapore next year because we loved it so much, and doing our stopover day in Shanghai.
  14. On the June 17th sailing of the MSC Armonia ... I'll be really upset if it affects our trip 😞
  15. Very excited for this review! I love MSC and I can't wait to hear about and see more of your experience!
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