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  1. If you want a nice place in Cozumel, Paradise Beach Club is an amazing beach club with all the facilities you could need - a pool, a spacious beach area, bathrooms, changing facilities, food/drink, and wifi - all for a $3 admission price. They just ask you to spend $10 while on the complex in food/drink, so you could easily do this with drinking. Taxi rate should be about $20 total. But, if even that is still a lot, you could still have a nice beach day in Roatan by taking a taxi to West Bay Beach ($25 roundtrip) and laying out towels. That is what my friend and I did on the Armonia earlier this summer when we went, because this was a nice cheap way to spend the day. And, since we were there from about 1PM-5PM, 4 hours was the perfect amount of time to just be laying on a towel and not have the towel get soaked/start to feel uncomfortable. Beware of Costa Maya though, aside from shopping at the cookie cutter stores or chilling at the pool area they made, there isn't a very "cheap" option (aside from maybe a beach day or a trip to the local city of Mahaual). I really don't like this port for that reason. Others have stated above about Key West's walkability and free bus for tourists that will take you to the tourist areas. Key West can be a great port for staying on a budget!
  2. They didn't for the FIFA Women's World Cup, and not because they didn't want to, but where were were sailing, there was no broadcast available. We were sailing through the Gulf of Mexico and no country in the area had qualified, so there wasn't a pressing need to get it on the TV channels (I was also cruising through Group stage, I heard they aired the final). So, if you're sailing through the Med, you may or may not have satellite service, as England and France adore Rugby and will be big teams to watch in the tournament. Best of luck to whoever your team is, I'll be cheering for the USA and their (inevitably short) campaign 😄
  3. I would say to keep your room if you don't like motion, you have an ideal location plus one of the retrofitted rooms with the newer balconies from the Evolutions upgrade. Moving to Deck 11 will decrease your balcony size and increase the amount of motion your experience. Have a good cruise!
  4. I'm not sure if Carnival has thought about it already, but refillable water bottle stations that don't involve any contact (like the kind you see in public buildings all over the place now) would be GREAT for ships.
  5. It should also be noted that you shouldn't really be filling up your water bottle at the drink stations on the Lido buffet. This can lead to cross contamination and the spreading of diseases, which can de detrimental on an enclosed ship. What crew members will tell you to do is either to drink water from the tap in your stateroom (I've done it on every ship I've ever been on and I've yet to have a problem), or fill up some smaller cups, and then pour them all into your water bottle. But reusable water bottles are most definitely allowed onboard, it's always the first thing I pack!
  6. Yep! Not only did I enjoy the food on the Armonia, but I enjoyed the food on all of my MSC cruises. Don't forget that food is a very subjective topic, so what I find to be "good" food, you may consider poor. To me, any food that I do not have to cook or clean up, and any food that magically replenishes itself, is good food 😄 So if you want a more advanced or critical view, I would take what I said with a grain of salt. But, I still stand by what I said in that the food on the Armonia was very good to me!
  7. Hello fellow Marylander! You are going to be docking in Coxed Hole, which is the regular cruise port on the island (Carnival Corp owns Mahogany Bay, which is a private destination). As for West Bay, the taxi will take about 20 minutes one way from the dock in Coxen Hole to the beach. We booked a cab right outside the terminal for $25 roundtrip, and we arranged a pick up time with the driver before getting out, and met him exactly where he dropped us off. We just laid our towels out on the beach and did not rent beach chairs. Stopped at a local bar for a mojito though!
  8. I love cruising during January (you can see my next cruise is in January). There aren't a lot of younger kids onboard, the prices are cheaper, and the islands and attractions are in full swing because it's in season. It's always just so nice to get away from the cold. It will be warm in Cozumel, definitely warm enough to go and enjoy a nice day at the beach or on a boat. I say book the cruise and get some time away!
  9. I don't think it took more than 5 minutes to be honest, it was the most lax immigration I've ever experienced. I walked into the theatre, presented my room key and my passport, and was out of there in no less than 5 minutes. However, we were all given zones/groups to head down to the theatre for immigration, so I would plan on talking to Guest Services to make sure that you are in the first group. If you have an excursion, I think they bring you all together, but I could be wrong about that. It should be noted that I am an American, and the American/Canadian/Green Card immigration (in the theatre) was exponentially faster than the immigration for all other Passport holders (in the aft restaurant). I made friends with a guy from Italy on this cruise, and he told me it took 40-60 minutes to get him and his friends all processed through immigration. So, if you aren't an American, I would either book a later tour, or try to ensure you are one of the absolute first to go through immigration.
  10. I found it to be very good, I ate everything that I ordered (except for the grouper, but I'm not a fish eater ... just thought I would go out on a limb that night, but still didn't like it). Any specific food you're inquiring about? The MDR? The Lido buffet? The late night snack?
  11. I'm glad you enjoyed your cruise, the Seaview is my favorite ship to date! Happy cruising!
  12. I wouldn't be too concerned. If you are going because you want to visit those ports, you genuinely like Carnival, and the design of the Legend itself is good for you, it seems to me that you have a positive outlook going in, which means you're likely to focus on things that would confirm why you booked the cruise in the first place. Granted, given your qualms, you will also be looking for things to confirm your apprehension in regards to the passengers onboard. But, I must say, as long as you want to have a good time, you likely will. I also want to concur with an above poster that Carnival is a part of a larger group with lots of connections to outside of their specific line. I wouldn't be surprised if they call in some help from Holland America and Princess to help plan activities. And, if they don't, since you like Carnival, it shouldn't be a problem 🙂 Happy cruising, Norway is a beautiful country!
  13. Why not take the free Key West bus? Or, maybe walk down and bus back? Not only is it free, but it will allow you to see multiple parts of the city without paying a dime. https://www.kwtransit.com/map Open up the Duval Loop, and you can see the route, and monitor the future buses and their locations. Don't be afraid to talk to the drivers about it as well, they are very kind and want to make sure you find your way around. I just learned about this on my last trip to Key West after I got on a local bus and the guy asked if I was new to the island, and then he told me about the free tourist bus. So definitely make the walk if that's what you'd like to do (I too enjoy scenic walks in new places), but this bus is certainly worth it!
  14. Thank you so much for your review! I cruised June 17-24 so I was interested in hearing what you had to say about it. I had an inside room on Deck 8 midship and I cannot say anything in regards to the temperature - it was always how we liked it. Never too cold, never too hot, and if we wanted it another way, we changed it and it was momentarily fixed. I'm sorry you had that experience, because it seems like it would've otherwise been a perfect cruise. But you're right, for the price, the cruise is sosososo right. I hope when they go to redo schedules, they don't pull the ship from Miami ... I hope they can put it on an alternating 5 and 9 night schedule or 4 and 10 night schedule for the winter. A 9 night cruise to Ocean Cay, Tortola, St.Maarten, Antigua and Martinique followed by a 5 night to Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios would be so nice. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up sending it back to doing a 7 night rotation with embarkations in Havana and Montego Bay for the European clientele. Oh well.
  15. Welcome to Cruise Critic! The MSC Seaview is my personal favorite ship (you can expand my signature to see which ships I have been on across the different lines I've sailed), and my cruise on her was also my favorite of all time. I can rave all day about the MSC Seaview. I will try my best to answer your questions, as I can only provide accurate claims to a few of them based on my own experience. 1) You can definitely show up early, we did the same thing. We were told 2:30PM but were onboard by 12 noon. When we did it, though, they were still using boarding groups, so we did need to sit and wait for about 20 minutes until our specific group/zone was called to board. Groups were assigned when you entered the terminal, they handed me a small laminated thing to present to keep moving through security once called. 3) I say so, that way you can pack a bunch of good outfits for photos and be prepared to get some nice ones made on vacation. 4) I did not get wifi on the Seaview (or any cruise of mine for that matter), but I do remember hearing people comment on how it was exceptionally good in comparison to other ships and lines they had been on. Maybe it was because we never stray too far from land while in the Med, or maybe because the ship is brand new and has better technology, I don't know. But, if you're self-employed and need to be reachable, then yes, get it for one phone. 5) To my knowledge, MSC doesn't have an app like Royal and Carnival do at this point in time. So, your best bet is either walkie-talkies, or small notes. I personally think that walkie talkies are not only a hassle for you and your family (your boys will not want to carry it around when they go to play basketball), but to other guests (you don't know how many times on accident walkie talkies go off because people leave them on during dinner or a show ... very annoying). Personally, maybe try getting a small whiteboard at the dollar store and bringing it, and start a system where you can all write where you'll be, when you'll be back, etc. Shouldn't be more than a dollar or two. Or, maybe do a system where you all meet for dinner each night at the restaurant or an hour before dinner at the cabin, and then you can plan out the rest of your night when you all convene. Just a thought. 6) Try to email the maitre'd, his email should be found on the MSC website in your reservation. Request a four top. I hope I helped in whatever ways I could, happy cruising!
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