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  1. We probably will, my husband's birthday is late August so we have been floating the idea of maybe taking a longer trip over his birthday in August - if we are allowed. Which would can this entire June plan. I guess I just wanted to know just in case, or, in the event that the prices stay low or we get another chance to cruise Oasis, we know what to do
  2. Hello, We are a family of three from Annapolis, MD. We had originally chosen June 27-July 4 as our vacation week, but the resort we planned for will be closed until July 1, so we needed to figure something out. I went onto Royal's website and I am seeing some amazing Oasis OTS deals, but despite the boring Canaveral-CocoCay-Nassau itinerary, considering we've never cruised on an Oasis-class ship, we think it will be a lot of fun. Further, the seas will be calm in June/July (that's usually our big fear when it comes to cruising from NYC or Baltimore), and after all of this craziness, a vacation might be nice. The best part of all is it's easily cancellable should the situation not change, and there's a good chance we land a half-empty ship. Sounds like a win-win to us, and if it's cancelled, we just save the money as credit and book a vacation once all of this is officially over. Not having to worry about flights is nice too. My question is related to the balconies. Where is the best location for an Oceanview balcony on an Oasis class ship, forward, midship or aft? Any decks to avoid? We typically like to be sandwiched in between two passenger decks, and we don't mind using stairs to get around (although on a large ship like this, we might be more inclined to the elevators). Further, what are the large balcony staterooms? Are those worth it? It's about $10 more per person for 30 extra feet of balcony, which could be nice, especially if the rooms are in a more favorable location onboard. Also, with the three of us, will we get crammed? Typically when we bring our son, he brings a friend or we bring another family member, so will it get cramped with 3 people? We have cruised on Carnival a lot and there are many Carnival rooms have are double the size that cost the same, so we have scammed those over the years. Any steals on the Oasis? Thank you in advance for any help y'all can provide! (Disclaimer: I've seen some "I don't think it's responsible to be booking a cruise" comments when people have suggested creating new bookings. While I understand the situation, as both my husband and myself work in the medical field, I also understand we are grown adults and can make our own decisions. If the state and international borders are open, and it is legally permitted, we would like to travel. Further, in the event that we feel uncomfortable, we can cancel 48 hours before, and in the event that the situation has not recovered (especially in the NY/NJ/CT area), our cruise will be cancelled for us. We are booking this simply because we would like a vacation in the event that travel is permitted in two months, as we can't get this week back after taking it off. After coming back to Royal after many years off, we had an amazing cruise on the Explorer in January 2020, and we would love to cruise RCI again, so we wouldn't even mind having money tied up with RCI to book a cruise at another date in 2021. Perhaps it would be a nice incentive, a light at the end of the tunnel. So for us, this makes sense. I can't stop you from telling us not to cruise, but please remember that that's not what this board was created for. Thank you!)
  3. Yes, it was usually a morning activity on the sports court.
  4. I thought the dining room food was of a really good quality. I was especially happy/surprised with the amount of meat we were given in meat dishes - it was a LOT. Some meals were a little bland, but I don't remember eating food and thinking it was of bad quality per say. Some dishes just didn't stand out, or just seemed like an excuse to finish off a certain ingredient, but definitely good quality.
  5. I heard it was pretty slow. A member of my party, as well as people I met throughout the trip, complained about not being able to do easy things, like check emails or search Google, much less post on social media. However, I found these claims odd, as I noticed many (and I mean many; at least 2-3 per day) people carrying out full video chats/facetimes to family, which means the wifi had to have been strong. So, I'm not sure if it had to do with the package chosen or what, but I heard reports of both.
  6. Nope, sorry! I had a panoramic OV, which I found to be quite large. Sorry!
  7. None are ringing a bell ... sorry! I know they did announce, though, that whatever band we had was leaving after our cruise, so there is a new band on the ship right now.
  8. Lots of people wore shorts to the MDR. Not gym shorts, but oftentimes, men, particularly those between 15-25, wore flat front khaki shorts. I felt like this was common amongst many passengers. However, on formal nights, no one wore shorts. I felt like the formal occasion was observed very well by the passengers.
  9. No I do not, I'm sorry! Is there anything in particular you're hoping to have while onboard? Maybe I can remember if and on what days they were offered.
  10. Yes! And I loved it, I found the selection to be good and it was nice to get away from the Windjammer, which I don't feel like was all too crowded - just repetitive on a 9 night cruise. Definitely plan to go on one of the sea days.
  11. No, all I remember was seeing a $13.99 per day soda package, but that wasn't really a card ... it came with a cup to fill at the soda stations ... Unless there was a card that was being swiped that I didn't notice. I didn't look up too much info on this though because I am not a soda drinker, so it did not interest me. Hopefully that's what you're looking for though, and if not, hopefully someone from my cruise will come in and answer!
  12. Hey y'all, I just got home after a great 9 nights away on the Explorer of the Seas. I am planning to write a little review on here later detailing the hits and misses I experienced, but in the meantime, I'll take any questions from any future cruisers and answer them to the best of my ability! Happy cruising!
  13. Thank you so much for your review! I am sailing on the Explorer this Friday for my first RCI cruise in a long time, and I am very excited. I'm hoping things go well so I can start considering Royal more in the future. Quick question: did you find your sailing to be busy? You were right before Christmas so I imagine that it was. If so, did you feel as though the ship was too cramped with people? Do you think it could handle the amount that it had? I am just trying to get a general idea of if there will be long lines in the Windjammer, no available chairs to tan, and a long time to embark the ship after a port of call. Thanks in advance for your reply, glad to see that you had a nice time away, despite the hiccups!
  14. Thanks so much for this trip! We actually have some that we could bring so I will consider packing them!
  15. Thank you! I've been trying to figure this out for months, you're the first person to answer it for me. I'm excited! Does it open any other time or just during sailaways and such?
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